Warmaster Armies to be Expanded

100_1160-undeadWarmaster – I remember the game fondly. So, when I noticed that GW Historical was releasing a medieval expansion for its Warmaster Ancients game, I remembered all the cool Warmaster minis I had stored away from the game’s initial release.

I bought into the Undead and High Elf armies, which interestingly enough, I also have in 25mm for WHFB, years later. I loved the theming behind both armies. But the Undead (which are Tomb Kings) are really crappy troops, and therefore you need to paint up a lot of them to get to 1000pts. I remember playing 500pt battles with English Andrew, and even a few with Gamer Glen, before they were put away – no one else really had enough interest in the system. But I refused to sell them off – it’s just too good a game!

So when the WMA Medieval expansion got released this week, I longed for my old minis, took them out of storage, and counted up the points – painted and unpainted. The first army I’m going to finish is my Undead – of which I have over 1500pts all told, but only about 650 painted. All of the Undead’s special troop choices are high in points cost, so the basic minimum core choices I had already painted, were a lot of work for very few battle points. It’ll be interesting to see how (and how fast) I paint these latest units – I’m a lot faster a painter now after 10+ years, so stay tuned…