Blackjaw & Unburnt Reavers for Godtear

Got a second faction painted up for Godtear – Blackjaw and his Unburnt Reavers. Painting conundrum – on the one hand – they’re individuals and you want to paint them well. On the other hand – they might rarely see play. On the final hand, they have to pop to show up on the GodtearContinue reading “Blackjaw & Unburnt Reavers for Godtear”

Got my Imperial Occupier Tank done tonight. You could pick away at the details of this ad infinitum – but you have to get on to other models. I don’t know what to think about the main chassis colour, but it does look good with all my other silver Storm Troopers and my one ShoreContinue reading

Godtear Quick Reference Sheet

I’m looking forward to playing Godtear by Steamforged Games. The starter boxes are an amazing deal – they’re ready for 2 players, but you’ll be playing a single faction per side only. A starter box is more practically a starter for one player. Inside you’ll get: 1 double sided battlefield board – cool Two completeContinue reading “Godtear Quick Reference Sheet”

Runewars Miniatures Paint Schemes: the Daqan Models

Just starting into the Runewars Miniatures Game. I like its take on Terrinoth, which I have always been a fan of, and its models. The core box gives you quite a lot of good models for the Daqan Lords, which I have really enjoyed painting – just like the Waiqar models, their detail is raisedContinue reading “Runewars Miniatures Paint Schemes: the Daqan Models”

Runewars Miniatures Paint Schemes: the Waiqar Models

Just starting into the Runewars Miniatures Game. I like its take on Terrinoth, which I have always been a fan of, and its models. FFG has taken units like the Waiqar Reanimate soldiers below, and made them so easy to paint – with their raised surfaces and open poses – not to mention excellent sculpts.Continue reading “Runewars Miniatures Paint Schemes: the Waiqar Models”

Firestorm Taskforce Quick Reference Sheet is Online

For all you Firestorm Taskforce fans out there – I’ve just completed my Battlemind 1.0 version of a Quick Reference Sheet for Firestorm Taskforce, by Spartan Games. I thought I’d condense the main rules of the game into 2 pages. This is the first page – and by far the most important. I’ll make aContinue reading “Firestorm Taskforce Quick Reference Sheet is Online”

Painting Halo Fleet Battles – Part 2

When I started painting the Covenant fleet from Halo Fleet Battles, I experimented with 6 different painting styles, and major colour variations. In the end I went with a straight up purple paint (from Vallejo) applied overtop of silver washed with GW Druchii Violet. You can see how the violet ink wash over silver givesContinue reading “Painting Halo Fleet Battles – Part 2”

Painting Halo Fleet Battles – Part 1

I have to say that I’m very impressed with Spartan Games’ Halo Fleet Battles miniature game. I caved into buying it because I love Spartan minis – and especially these Halo models – and had seen some good mechanics demonstrated on the Fleet Signal YouTube channel. (Thanks Alex!) Up front, I’ll let you know thatContinue reading “Painting Halo Fleet Battles – Part 1”