Operation Icestorm Pan Oceania Painted

My friend Jon asked me if I would paint his Pan Oceania models from the Operation Icestorm box he bought. He’s really keen to start playing, but has no time to paint them up. No problem – love the models, want to encourage new opponents – win/win. Below is the near final paint job:


Operation Icestorm Pan Oceania models.

I’m not proud of the fact that I used 24 colours (paints, washes and ink colours) to get these models done, but there you have it. I just couldn’t stop doing the block highlighting on these figures; every colour is either washed, highlighted, or both. The final step is a blast of Testors matte varnish, and they’re done.

Pan Oceania Icestorm Models (with 1 extra)
Time to paint: 12hrs     Points on the table: No idea – waiting for N3!