DBA Persian Army


DBA Persian Psiloi Complete

Persian Psiloi are Complete

After spray-bombing in white, I painted their parts in this order:
1 – flesh (then washed)
2 – green tunics
3 – brown straps
4 – wash green and brown with mud
5 – beige pants (then wash folds only)
6 – boots
7 – highlight greens and browns

At the moment I haven’t painted their bases – I’m unsure what their basing will be. But I consider these guys done – they’re not a fancy troop, but that’s 3 of 12 bases done!

DBA Persian Psiloi
Vs. Foot
: +2   Vs. Mounted: +2      Time to paint: 2.5hrs


DBA Persian Auxilia with Shields

DBA Persian Auxilia with Shields are Complete

An updated picture of my auxilia, with shields. The spears will be added last, after I start basing this army.

DBA Persian Auxilia
Vs. Foot:
+3     Vs. Mounted: +2     Time to Paint: 4hrs


4 thoughts on “DBA Persian Army

  1. I can’t believe you aren’t going to do the scythed chariot! Or are you? This army has quite a few options, which means for a lot more painting… But if you go with the third psiloi, then you abandon the fantastically disposable and dramatic scythed chariot! Happy to see these figs coming together!


    • Don’t worry Neldoreth, all options are going to be painted up. I’m assembling the scythed chariot now, as I paint up my Auxilia! Thanks for writing.:]

    • Hi David – thanks. They’re really easy to paint once you’re committed to using washes and highlighting with the original colour. Work is taking off right now, so painting is mostly on hold…

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