Online with World of Warcraft

Dovad the DwarfAfter many years of watching, and many years of wondering, I finally took the MMO plunge and am playing World of Warcraft. I had to be pushed though – my brother got me a subscription for 3 months worth of play time – so after an hour long DVD install, and about an hour and a half of patching – I was ready to go!

Here are my stats:
Name: Dovad
Race: Dwarf
Class: Paladin ( I usually never play a fighter)
Server: Eitrigg

Dovad is on the East continent, starting in theĀ Anvil MarrĀ region, in the town of Dun Morogh. I tried my best to make him look like me, and for the most part he does. I debated making a female Dwarf for the simple reason that, if I’m going to stare at someone’s ass while gaming, it might as well be shapely. I’m already level 2 after 15 minutes of gaming – I’ve killed my 8 wolves, and now have gloves of boar handling.

I’m going back online now to check my internet speed at night, as well as maybe bop a few bunnies on the head. See you online!