WHFB Warriors of Chaos Army to Sell (Sold)

warriors-of-chaos-army-for-saleMy Warriors of Chaos Army is up for sale -$220. It’s a pretty standard selection of troops – the majority of which are fully painted. Some are not however – but what isn’t painted has been expertly flashed, based and primed. If you’re interested, contact me at battlemind@hotmail.com and we can discuss payment and shipping to your preference. I have no problem shipping to anywhere in the world.

I’m asking $220 for the lot, which includes:
– 4 units of 5 Chaos Warhounds
– 2 units of 12 Chaos Warriors
– 1 unit of 16 Chaos Marauders
– 1 unit of Marauder Horsemen
– 1 unit of Chaos Knights
– 1 Chaos Sorcerer
– 1 Exalted Hero
– 1 Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount
– Wulfrik the Wanderer
– Warriors of Chaos Army Book

Here are some more pictures of the Warriors of Chaos Army I’m selling:











Chaos Lord On D.Mount Complete

Finally got this Chaos Lord done! I’ve had this model for a while – several months in fact – and am glad to finally have it available to game with. It was actually a pretty easy model to assemble and paint, though I’m not fussy that the shield arm is actually a tentacled mutation, and the head is perhaps a little undersized for the body. Otherwise – awesome sculpt!

Paint Technique – After assembly, I based the model with some large rocks, a broken Chaos axe, and a fallen standard icon. Then it was off to the barn to spray bomb it. I then drybrushed it all with my army colour: Vallejo Russian Uniform Green. Then pick out the bronze, brass and bone bits, and wash everything with Devlan Mud. When the wash is dry, I highlight the now subdued areas with their original colours. Then I pick out everything else – bridle leather, chain mail, axe handle, etc. And you’re done!

Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount
Time to paint: 4hrs     Points on the table: 260 pts (minimum)

24hr Chaos Warriors – Pt.6 Complete

12 Chaos Warriors

And we’re done: 12 Chaos Warriors in 24hrs. The last thing I did was the banner, and as always, I don’t know how I want to paint it.

This is typical for me though – I’ll keep an army’s banners pretty much blank until I decide what I want them to look like. I’m not particularly fussy about them – I just want them to be unifying for the army as a whole – like the paint scheme.

These warriors match the paint scheme of my Chaos Knights – mostly Vallejo Russian Uniform Green with bronze/brass accents. I really like the capes too – a PP Bloodstone Brown, that took the Devlan wash well, and highlighted very realistically.

Chaos Warriors
Points on the table: 254pts     Time to paint: 8hrs

24hr Chaos Warriors – Pt.5

I’ve spent almost 6hrs assembling, flashing, priming and painting these guys – and I’m almost done.

I’ve highlighted everything that I washed with the Devlan Mud, and even drybrushed the rocky bases. It’s at this stage that I paint the raised shield iconography (very easy to pick out) in bronze, the accent metallic of the entire army. Green and bronze go really well together, lend visual weight to the models, and are actually fairly realistic colours for soldiers to wear. I’ve also base coloured the weaponry with Boltgun Metal and Vermin Brown handles. 

The final stage is coming up – finishing touches. The banner will be done in this stage.

24hr Chaos Warriors – Pt.4

Base coats of all the major colours have been done now, and I’ve applied a wash of Devlan mud over all the models.

Even though some parts of the models haven’t been painted, the wash is intended for all the colours that have been done, at this stage. Now it’s a matter of hurry up and wait. Once teh wash is dried, I’ll be highlighting the armour with Gretchin Green, the capes with their original PP Bloodstone, and PP Menoth White helmets with pure white.

Back to the day job – but so far I’m right on track with my timeline.

24hr Chaos Warriors – Pt.3

First thing this morning, it’s outside – to spray prime my Chaos Warriors with black.

I can’t wait to get my base coat of colour on these guys, because after the dry brush base coat, it’s mostly just washes and highlighting to finish up the models. I’m in a bit of a quandry as to the order of parts that the models should be painted. There are basically 3 parts:
1 – body armour
2 – capes
3 – cape fur

The cape fur is just trim on the cape, but there’s a lot of detail there and it’s important visually. I’ll do some testing and see. Have to start work at 9AM, so back to it!

24hr Chaos Warriors Pt.2

It’s 11PM almost exactly, and I’ve got all my Chaos Warriors flashed and assembled.

I chose to use the Champion’s cape (it’s slightly different and allows for a raised arm with an axe), and many of the alternate heads for the other command models, just to make them stand out a little more than the rest.

I’m going to rock the bases next, which means I’ll have to wait for them to dry before I can spray bomb them, so it looks like the last step I can perform on the unit tonight.

24hr Chaos Warriors

Starting at 9 o’clock tonight, which is in about 2 minutes, I’ll assemble, prime and paint this box of Chaos Warriors just the way I want them – hand weapon and shield. Full command. I have ’til 9PM tomorrow, and I’ll take pictures along the way.

I just bought a box of 12 Chaos Warriors at Jeff’s Cards here in Peterborough. Then I thought I’d put it on record how easy I thought they’d be to paint. I think these models are so easy to paint, that I bet I can get them done within the first 24hrs I start to work on them. Shields and all.

Let’s get at it.

Chaos Knights are Complete

5 Chaos Knights with the Mark of Slaanesh

Ya, it’s too bad Chaos Knights are special choices now. But let’s face it – they should be.

I thought this unit would be painted quickly – they were assembled and base coated fairly fast. But after I started into the details, things slowed down big time. The colours used are below:
1 – Primed black
2 – Base coated in Vallejo Russian Uniform Green ( a very dull, realistic green – kind of like real Russians)
3 – Drybrushed and highlighted with GW Gretchin Green (a foundation paint)
4 – Detailed with Vallejo Brass
5 – Detailed with GW Boltgun
6 – Detailed with PP Menoth White Base (an off-white)
7 – Washed with GW Devlan Mud
8 – Highlighted with GW Chainmail
9 – Done!

Originally I chose the colour scheme to match my Nurgly intentions – minus 1 to hit when shooting, and minus 1 WS when fighting is nothing to sneeze at. Stats like that can really nerf an opponent’s elite infantry. But I’m not so sure anymore. Nurgle upgrades are expensive. And I think this unit’s raison d’etre may be against enemy cavalry and monsters – not infantry at all. I’d be very interested in how others use this unit in 8th ed.

Chaos Knights
Points on the table: 240pts (MoS)     Time to paint: 12hrs

Chaos Warhounds Complete

Chaos Warhounds are cheap and FAST!

Chaos Warhounds are 6pts each, so taking a long time to paint them isn’t a great idea. These guys are meant to cover the more expensive Chaos Warriors behind them, or threaten/distract your opponent. With Ld:5 they are easily shot up and sent fleeing by your opponent. If he doesn’t target them, he shouldn’t worry about them anyway- they can no longer negate ranks in 8th ed with a simple 5-wide unit; and they’re only going to cause panic tests as they flee through your army.

So why take them then? They’re fast, and so can charge your opponent’s light stuff on turn 2: warmachines, solo characters, and fast cav. They redirect well too – put at weird angles and whatnot. But they’re best used to screen the expensive stuff behind them – their screen will confer a -2 shooting modifier. So go crazy with Warhounds – not as good as they were in 7th ed., but still able to cause… er…chaos.