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Garryth the Warcaster Complete

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Scyrah, Warmachine

My first fully painted Retribution of Scyrah model – Garryth, Blade of Retribution! A really nice sculpt, I think you’ll agree – only 3 parts – body, and 2 arms from the elbow up. Garryth is a 6 focus caster, with +5 warjack points.

After an experimental start with my Gorgon, I’ve decided I want my Retribution models to have a military colour base, with bright accents. I used GW’s foundation Gretchin Green for the “pants” of the model, Vallejo Green Ochre for his torso, and washed them both with Devlin Mud. After this first stage, the model has kind of a Russian uniform brown look to it – but all the details are showing because of the wash. I then used PPP Menoth White Base for his hard armour points (shoulder pads, etc.). Everything is then highlighted with its original colour, except the hard armour which is highlighted with white. 

I gave Garryth anime green hair, but kept a touch of grey to show his age. You can see how I intend to indicate the frontal arcs of all my Warmachine models from here forward – rear halves of the bases will be painted brown. Looks good! An excellent Privateer sculpt.

Garryth, Blade of Retribution
Points on the table: WJ+5     Time to paint: 2hrs

Retribution Gorgon Complete

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Scyrah, Warmachine

Retribution of Scryah GorgonAnyone who knows me or the armies I play, knows that this colour scheme is way out of character. But I really wanted to try something different.

This Gorgon is the first model of a new Retribution of Scyrah army I’m hoping to build over the next few months. I’m going to take my time and paint with a little more detail than I’m used to. I’ve also dedicated myself to trying a whole new anime style colour scheme with these guys – bright, individual, with a “good-guy” aesthetic.

Kudos to Will for his comments on the initial colour scheme. This version has more contrast, differing shoulder pad tones, and no bleached bone anywhere! For anyone reading (almost 110 people a day) I’d like to hear your comments on this colour scheme. Good or bad! Thanks.

Gorgon Retribution Light Myrmidon
Points on the table: 5PC     Time to paint: 3hrs

Swamp Troll is Complete

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Hordes, Warmachine

This Trollblood Swamp Troll was incredibly easy to paint – it has very little detail on it that needs to be picked out with a brush. On the other hand – it has a fair amount of detail! But all of that can be painted with base coats and a good wash.

Here’s the order of painting for this model:
1 – prime black
2 – base coat entire model with GW Gretchin Green (foundation)
3 – base coat dense netting with Shadow Grey
4 – wash entire model with Devlan Mud
5 – highlight with original, slightly thinned Gretchin Green
6 – detail everything else, then some amphibious dots
7 – done!

Notes on this Swamp Troll model – I was very tempted to pick out the fine netting he has around his arms, but decided not to. It’s too fine, and highlighting may have been more of a mess than a benefit. Also, he has a huge lashing tongue, that for now I have chosen not to include – I’m going to find a better way to adhere it than just gluing – its’ too easy to knock off. Also, all gapping on this model was filled in with white glue. You should try it – way better filler than green stuff when the gaps are really small.

Swamp Troll
Points on the table: PC4     Time to paint: 2hrs

Troll Bouncer Complete

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Hordes, Trollbloods, Warmachine

This Troll Bouncer was the last Hordes model I purchased before they announced MkII. As a result, I only ever assembled him, then let him sit ’til the rules got sorted out and made compatible with Warmachine MkII.

He was incredibly easy to paint – he’s almost completely covered in plate mail – which means I can drybrush the entire model in metallics. The order of painting is below:
1 – drybrush a base of GW Tin Bitz (rusty/dark metallic)
2 – drybrush a base coat of PP Bronze
3 – drybrush highlights of PP Brass
4 – paint the morningstar and select armour with Boltgun Metal
5 – paint shield Vallejo German Grey (wash with GW Badab Black)
6 – wash entire model with GW Devlan Mud
7 – paint blue skin (wash with GW Asurman Blue and Badab Black mix)
8 – detail/highlight model’s gear
9 – scratch up the shield with GW Chainmail
10 – done!

Sheesh, it took longer to type this than paint the model.

Troll Bouncer
Time to paint: 1-2hrs     Points on the table: 5

If you play Khador in Warmachine, eventually you ask yourself if you want to use Demolition Corps or Shocktroopers. Often you’ll field both, but I wanted my first Man-o-War unit to be Demo Corps, and I’ll tell you why.

Khador is slow. Slow slow slow. Oh sure, we have some SPD:6 infantry, like anybody else, but on average, we’re Spd: 5 or 6 – or in the case of our jacks, we’re Spd:4 almost exclusively. So if you’re gonna be slow, you want REACH. And what’s better than REACH? – REACH with BACKSWING (x2 attacks), so when you do get into combat, you’re gonna make an impression. And that’s the important difference Demo Corps have over Shocktroopers.

The Man-o-War units are important to Khador, and I’ve only just acquired this unit of DC after figuring this out. Khador needs light jacks. I was disappointed that MkII didn’t throw at least one light jack our way. Even an arc node would have been welcome. But the Man-o-War units fit the light jack bill. Five DC are in essence, 2 light jacks, and for 9pts, that’s about right.

These guys were painted using the following technique:
1 – Primed black
2 – Base coated with Vallejo Russian Uniform Green
3 – Highlight the green with GW Gretchin Green
4 – Red shoulder plating is GW Mechrite Red, highlighted with PP Khador Red Highlight
5 – Helmets are PP Menoth White Base, with highlights of white
6 – Paint brass parts as desired with Vallejo Brass
7 – Shoulder trim is Vallejo German Grey
7 – Done!

These guys look pretty kick ass on the table – there’s alot of military colour in use here, as well as more realistic, earthy pigments. Also, they can block LOS to the Butcher!

Man-o-War Demolition Corps
Points on the table: 9pts     Time to paint: 4hrs

Whither, Warmachine?

Posted: November 29, 2009 in Hordes, Rant, Warmachine

OK, so here’s my problem with Warmachine at the moment – yes I’ve played alot of games, and I’m probably burned out on it. Yes, I fell into a painting hiatus-hole (thank-you Skaven for getting me out of that). The real problem is that I don’t know what Warmachine actually is these days, so it’s on hold until that gets well and truly sorted out.

Here’s what I mean – the Warmachine MkII testing rules came out, and my fellow gaming buddies and I embraced it. I even printed and bound this thing because I knew I’d be using it alot. I printed the cards, I made the lists, and in the end the games were good. Pretty much the same, but better; and I liked the new army list assembly procedure. But then, we were all pretty much torn as to which version we’d be playing when we got together, because some of us wanted to use our Horde armies, now incompatible with MkII, and although the rules were now better, the illustration-less, index-less rulebook was sometimes a pain to use.

Then there was a MkII update. And I refused to reprint or disassemble my “bound” copy, or use the “final” stat cards, which weren’t cards at all now, but bloody great big 8.5 x 11″ sheets of ugly layout. And the real rules weren’t that far away – January it seems? I can wait. With so many choices of rules to play now (3), and without everyone in the group up to date on all of them, Warmachine took a back seat; where it will probably remain until January.

Until then though, my interest in Fantasy has resurfaced (thanks to Skaven), and the club activity at my FLGS is way ahead of Warmachine. We’ll see what January brings – but I’m interested – is anyone else feeling the same way about this great game? Does Warmachine feel like it’s in purgatory?

Now the same thing will happen with Hordes. The new MkII Rules for Hordes are online at Privateer, but there are no cards! Just 8.5 x 11″ pages! Hey PP, I know that takes time, but come on – way more convenient than 167 pages of stats.

000_0078Next weekend is the second annual Summer WOWW Weekend, 2009. If you feel like playing Warmachine, Hordes, MTG, WOW TCG, or LoTR, then this is the place for you. Check out the WOWW blog page here for details, and get your ass down here.