JR Miniatures Resin Islands are Great!

JR Miniatures: Resin Islands

JR Miniatures: Resin Islands

I’m diggin’ these resin islands from JR Miniatures. They have fantastic rocky textures sculpted into them, are tough as nails, and paint up fast.

I got them a couple of months ago from Meeplemart in Toronto, so they were a good price to boot. I’ll be using them with Spartan’s Dystopian Wars and Uncharted Seas naval games. They’re more in scale with the DW ships, but they look good side by side with my Orcs from US. Even though they’re made of resin too, they’re a very different kind of resin than what’s used in the ships’ sculpts – glossy and hard as glass. But way more durable.

I got off to a bad start painting these – I used GW Roughcoat primer to prime them with, since I didn’t care if the extra texture presented on the rocks. But GW Roughcoat is not a primer – it’s a paint – and I didn’t know that ’til I brought these into teh house and the “primer” started to flake off. So I scrubbed them all with a stiff nylon brush, removed all the Roughcoat, and primed them again with my favourite black primer. No problems on take two.

JR Miniatures Resin IslandThen it was a quick 4 colour drybrush job to get them to the typically rocky state they are. I admit I didn’t use any whacky colours here, just:
1. GW Shadow Grey
2. GW Shadow Grey lightened with Fortress Grey
3. Highlight the rock with white
4. Edge the shores with PPP Battle Dress Green (and bring it into the interiors somewhat)

But I like them. They look way better in person than these photos. Get some if you’re doing up a naval battle board – JR Miniatures islands are well priced, well sculted and tough as nails. They get the Battlemind thumbs up seal of approval.


Uncharted Seas Orc Raiders Fleet Done

Uncharted Seas Orc Raiders Fleet

Uncharted Seas Orc Raiders Fleet

Finally, after more than a year, I’ve finished painting an entire fleet for Uncharted Seas – an Orc Raiders fleet. These guys are the earlier version of the Orcs – decent models in their own right, but not as nice as the rereleases. (Except they’re paid for!)

Uncharted Seas was my first exposure to Spartan Games – I ordered some models as soon as I first became aware of them – one Orc Raiders, one Iron Dwarf and one Imperial Human fleet. Love the rules, love the miniatures – and am eager to get them on the table top.

These models were primed with white, then painted with a base coat of Vallejo Green Ochre. They were then washed thoroughly with a mix of GW Ogre Flesh and Devlan Mud. Then I detailed them with the GW Mechrite Red, Vallejo USA Uniform Green and PPP Jack Bone. The sails are also Mechrite Red and Jack Bone.

I don’t know why, but I’m not a big fan of naval games for specific eras – Napoleonics, WWI, etc. But for some reason, I can’t wait to put down the white cotton balls for the guns of these fantasy fleets!

Uncharted Seas Orc Raiders Fleet
Points on the table: 27 pts     Time to Paint: 20hrs

Battlemind Painting Table – Dec.8th, 2008

100_1212-table-Dec08-08Here’s a look at what I’m currently working on as of today:
• 1 assembled Mordor troll – ready for priming
• 6 wargs for LotR – unprimed plastics to the right are the riders
• 1 Dwarvish captain
• 10 ships of an Uncharted Seas Dwarf fleet

I’ve gotten alot of LotR miniatures painted recently, as my renewed interest in the game has demanded it. I’ve been playing with William of Hatton at my local FLGS, and we’ve split 2 close games. Unfortunately, if I want to keep some variety in my forces, I need more men to do it; as I have about 500pts of good and evil fully painted. The wargs and the 2nd Troll will lend interesting add-ons to my bad guys – as I’ve never played a game with 2 trolls ever, and the wargs – well… I rarely ever play with fast troops. I think I’ve used cavalry once in all my LotR games. They do make the game much more interesting, as cavalry are much taller than men, and can simply stride over obstacles that most models must roll to climb successfully.

The overexposed white blob is a white-primed Dwarf cruiser – my prototype paint job for my Uncharted Seas Dwarvish fleet. I’m pretty sure it’ll be finished by the end of the day – stay tuned…

Uncharted Seas Arrives

Yes, it’s been slow on the gaming front. I’ve had to spend a lot more time lately on my company sales, paperwork, etc. Then there’s the 2 days in hospital with a kidney stone (last week). Blah blah blah…

Uncharted Seas arrived through the mail Friday. Yay! The miniatures are a lot bigger than I thought, and I really like the rulebook. Overall, a very solid product. And, to add icing to it all, I won £100 of free Spartan Games products because I pre-ordered and was entered into a draw. Again – yay!

Although I’m not doing much painting, I am starting prototype paint schemes on my Blood Bowl minis. The models above have been basecoated with paint, then washed with the new GW washes – mud for the Orc (over PP Gun Corps Brown) and red for the Humie (over PP Khador Red Highlight). I love these washes – while still wet, they look disappointing, like there’s not enough on the model. But when they dry, they’re very convincing, and always dry matte! No Dullcote needed here.

Uncharted Seas “Ships”



Today I’m fairly stoked – Uncharted Seas is shipping today from its creator, Spartan Games, in the UK.

I’ve had my eye on this game for a while, waiting for it to be completed. So when Spartan announced pre-orders with free shipping worldwide, I jumped at the chance to get 2 complete fleets:
• Imperial Human
• Iron Dwarves



That’s all I could afford right now – with a game system I haven’t played! I also ordered the main rulebook too, and will happily give you a review when the models arrive.

It won’t be a difficult game to play from the demo battle Spartan put online; but I’m hoping it has enough differing strategies to keep us older guys interested. I wasn’t interested 10+ years ago when Man-O-War by GW initially came out, but the idea of fantasy naval combat has become more interesting since. These models look super-easy to paint, so when they arrive I’ll start up a painting post about them, and get some battle reports in immediately afterward!