Runewars Miniatures Paint Schemes: the Daqan Models

Just starting into the Runewars Miniatures Game. I like its take on Terrinoth, which I have always been a fan of, and its models. The core box gives you quite a lot of good models for the Daqan Lords, which I have really enjoyed painting – just like the Waiqar models, their detail is raised and easy to pick out, or lean your brush against as you paint – which is good, because they have to be painted in an entirely more civilized way than the Waiqar.

Daqan Cavalry-DSC02078

There’s a lot of detail on the Daqan Oathsworn Cavalry, and although time consuming, are quite fun to paint. Much like the Rune Golem below. Unfortunately, I painted the Rune Golem a fairly dark gray tone before realizing that the army’s accent colour is black. I would normally paint a higher contrast, but opted to keep it. It still looks good, and makes the Golem a lot heavier in appearance.

Daqan Rune Golem-DSC02080

The Daqan Spearmen are base coated, but not finished. I will post a picture of them when they are done. Their base coat primer was Army Painter Wolf Gray – a nice blue gray that’s not as intense as FFG’s proposed blue.

I hope you like ’em. Send me a link or two to your online paint schemes please!
– Dave


The Krosmaster Not Mines Expansion

Thinking of getting the Not Mines expansion for Krosmaster Arena? Here’s what you get:

Two cardboard sheets of Not Mines terrain, which includes:
x2 TNT crates, x4 Support pillars, x8 Ore piles, x4 Minecarts, x24 Kama coins, x20 Gems.

One double-sided Not Mines mapboard.: Mine 1 & Mine 2.

And of course, a brief set of Not Mines rules, in 6 languages.






Operation Squad Panzergrenadiers Done

I received Operation Squad in the mail just this week. I’m quite eager to play it, so I’ve just finished an oversized Panzergrenadier squad to fill out most of the force options available. The squad consists of:
– 2 x MG34 machine gunners (with assistants)
– 1 x GW36 mortar (with assistant)
– 1 x Corporal
– 1 x Sergeant
– 1 x MG42 machine gunner
– 7 x Panzergrenadiers with  Kar98s

Anyway, the point is to have a good variety of troops at the 500pt level. The base Panzergrenadier squad of 11 men is 400pts, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for modifications to get to 500. Hell, a sniper is +90pts! We’ll see how many men is good on a side at once.

I chose to paint up some individual models from my Flames of War stash. Turns out I had more Panzergrenadiers than I needed, and because my other army is British/Canadian I’ve got some Commando figures for a second Operation Squad force. If I like the game I’ll consider changing scales. Right now I’ve got a fair amount of 15mm scenery and vehicles, so I’m sticking with 15mm. The half-track is eye candy only for now – teh guys who made Operation Squad haven’t got any vehicle rules as of yet, and some time has gone by since they promised there would be.

When I get the British done I’ll post a battle report and review.

Operation Squad Panzergrenadiers:
Points on the table: 505pts     Time to paint: 4hrs

DBA with English Andrew

Andrew's start with the Later Achaemenid Persians (II/7).

Andrew's start with the Later Achaemenid Persians (II/7).

English Andrew dropped by to play some DBA, with miniatures supplied by Dave May.

Dave actually had the same Later Persian army I’d bought from Xyston, already in his collection. Throw them up against the historically paired Saitic Egyptians (I/53), also supplied by David, and you’ve got some good gaming ahead of you.

During game one, in which I used the Persians (and their 4xSp, not their 4xAux), Andrew set up his Egyptian spear line in between two flanking pieces of bad terrain that he expertly defended with psiloi and bowmen. I spent most of the game trying to figure out how my cavalry could take advantage – but they couldn’t. Before I knew it, I had trashed four units in the attempts, and Andrew had lost no stands at all. MVP goes to the two Egyptian bow stands, who took out 3 of the 4 units.

Scythed Chariot attacks the Egyptian heavy chariot general in an act of quick kill desperation.

Scythed Chariot attacks the Egyptian heavy chariot general in an act of quick kill desperation.

Game two, and I wanted to avenge my loss with the same army. Using a different board, I defended this time, and managed to take the high ground in the centre of the board with my 4xAux, only to find Andrew totally unwilling to come up and fight them. (Sensibly so.) For several turns I couldn’t get enough pips to come down in a coordinated attack, and the game ended with Andrew picking apart my flanks while the unassailable centre held. This was arguably, the worst rolled game of DBA I’d ever had. Even Andrew was embarassed for me. Three times in a row I rolled 1 for pips, and probably lost my 4 stands to doubled results. Even my 4 vs 2 scythed chariot attack was stopped dead.

Game Three, and it’s my turn to use the Egyptians. This time the spear lines actually meet, and after a nasty pushing match in the centre, my Egyptians manage to kill a spear stand, with support. Add to that a couple of low value light horse and psiloi, and the battle was mine! Although Andrew did make it close with a scythed chariot run through a hole in the right side of my line that almost took out my general! Andrew did suffer from bad command pips in this game though, and I eagerly took advantage.

Beautiful paint job. Minis by Dave May.

Beautiful paint job. Minis by Dave May.

End result – the Egyptians win every game, with a good mix of units and good command. A great day’s gaming – and with great minis. Thanks again Andrew, and you too Dave.


100_1572Day 1 starts at 6:30 when Will and Andrew arrive, and it’s straight into the Warmachine 20pt tournament.

First matchup – Will’s Menoth plays my Cygnar. Will is using Reznick, with a Crusader, Dervish, Avatar and a Repenter. My force is Epic Haley, with a Defender, Ironclad and Centurion. Overall it’s a close game with some less than optimal moves on both sides – Will figures out that Perdition doesn’t work well against heavies, and I learn that it’s almost always best to play conservatively with your caster, than rashly. Rashly got Haley killed in the end.

A very fun game, that was close to the end.

100_1586Then Andrew played Will in game 2 – Cryx vs. Menoth. Using the other half of the table, (with a sculpted hill), Andrew’s Cryx won out over Menoth, as Will’s jacks couldn’t get up the hill in good cover, and got picked apart trying.

So no clear tournament champion yet, and lots of games yet to play.

Panzer IIIJs are complete

This Panzer IIIJ platoon is complete. I surprised even myself with how fast I got these guys done – probably about 3 hrs including decals.

I’m getting quite used to painting tanks quickly – it’s everything else that’s a pain.
1 – Primed black
2 – Basecoated with Basalt Grey (Vallejo)
3 – Stipled with Green Ochre (a Vallejo paint that’s actually dark yellow)
4 – Inked with GW’s new black wash
5 – Highlighted with light grey
6 – Muddied up with Graveyard Earth (GW)
7 – Decals placed

That’s it. I find the new GW washes dry very matte, so no real need to spray thes guys with Testors Dullcote, which will be a relief to my wife, as Dullcote could kill any cat that gets a whiff of it. I think that’s it for painting before the weekend. Gotta finish reading the FoW rules again…