SM Dreadnought is Complete

100_1284-dreadnoughtDreadnoughts are just cool. They’re armoured, walking gun turrets that are also formidable CC opponents. But because they require 2 weapons, outfitting them can be a bit of a head-scratcher. I’ve had this model kicking around for over a year now – primed black and ready to go. But I just got around to him late last night.

This dreadnought is the basic, plastic, GW kit – and I’ve opted to equip it as an infantry support walker. Hence the assault cannon and missile launcher. The A-cannon and missile launcher are both adept at killing infantry or piercing lightly armoured vehicles. Hell, the launcher can theoretically take out medium armour as well, if it gets lucky.

This model was painted black instead of my SM’s army yellow because I wanted it to look heavier and more menacing. Yellow doesn’t do that at all. Besides, black is my army’s trim colour, so everything still looks cohesive. I painted this in an evening – about 3hrs – after about an hour of assembly and flashing, including the 2 other arms that come with the kit – a lascannon arm and the CC arm. But I like this configuration best. I’ll add some decals to it when I feel like wrestling with decals…

SM Dreadnought:
WS:4  BS:4  S:6  F:12  S:12  R:10  I:4  A:2
Points on the table in this configuration: 125pts     Time to paint: 3hrs