Skaven Ratling Team Complete

Skaven Ratling TeamOk, so I bought a Skaven Ratling Gun Team a couple of weeks ago. They’ve been taunting me in their assembled, primer stage for a couple of days now, so I whacked some paint on them at lunch today. I’m pretty happy with the results.

They match the Mechrite Red of my rank and file units, but the sculpts are slightly different from the new plastics. I like the new plastic heads better.

Skaven Ratling Gun Team
Points on the table: 55pts     Time to paint: 1hr


New Skaven Army Started

It occurs to me that although I haven’t been posting recently, I have been doing a lot of gaming related activities, so now’s the time to catch up. The most noteworthy of these activities is the start to my new Skaven army.


Skaven Plague Monks. This unit took about 12hrs to assemble and paint.

And why would I start yet another WHFB army?

I have a full HE and TK army – I have remnants of OK, Chaos and Demon armies (thanks GW for splitting them up) and I still have Lizardmen models, believe it or not. So why Skaven? When Skaven were released, I got nostalgic for my old O&G horde army – an army I sold off more than 3 years ago now, and it was the right thing to do at the time, because the new O&G book was out, and it totally undermined my almost all Goblin units. The new Skaven models were cool plastic kits, and the most important of them were plastic – I just wanted to paint some! A modest investment got me the army book and a box of ClanRats and I was off.


Skaven clanrats unit. This took about 12hrs to assemble and paint.

The New ClanRat Models – The new ClanRat models are a huge step forward for GW. I remember with the old Night Goblin models that piecing a regiment of 20 guys together was brutally time consuming for what they were – 2pts apiece! ClanRats on the other hand are 2-part models, superbly done. Their bodies (head to toe) are 1 piece – you only have to attach the right wepon arm. DONE! If you want, you can add a shield for 3 parts, but I only do shields on my first rank anyway – they’re so small, they’re not easy to see in successive ranks of rats. There’s also very little flash on the models – probably the least of any kit I’ve bought from GW – which is great for me, as I want to get units painted quickly, and really resent the time wasted de-flashing models.

The second best thing about the new ClanRats are how easy they are to paint. The high detail lends itself really well to tidy paint jobs and a covering wash. DONE! Maybe a bit of highlighting with the original washed colour afterwards, but only if the rat doesn’t look good enough as it is, which is most often the case. Awesome models all around. Quick to assemble and easy to paint – that makes us horde army guys really happy.

Plague Monks – These guys have been plastic for a long time now, but they were my second choice of unit to paint, because with a unit of these guys, you can get a Hero level Plague Priest to accompany them, and therefore put a Plague Furnace on the table. With a horde army, I’m all about getting big points on the table whenever possible – high cost units are very welcome indeed.

Like the ClanRats, the Plague Monks were easy to paint, although they’re made from 4 parts each. Their robes are smooth, and their weapons plain, so you can blast through these guys on the painting table, in about a day – that’s 8hrs kids – that’s a “billable” day for me. Yes they’re that fast.

The Skaven Promise – I promised myself I wouldn’t buy additional Skaven units until I painted what I had, and so far it’s been quite fun to stick to that promise. I’m excited to finish a unit, as not only will it look good, but I eagerly search the book for my next, most logical purchase. (Which I can then buy guilt free!) I’ll let you know how that comes along…