Firestorm Armada Relthoza Cruisers Complete

Finally got all the models painted, of what I’ve bought, for my Relthozan Firestorm Armada fleet. These Scarab Class Heavy Cruisers are fantastic models – so much detail – and really easy to paint because that detail is easily picked out. If you’re in a hurry to paint these, forget about the underside of the ships – you can’t see them during a game, so don’t paint them!

Relthoza Scarab Classs Heavy Cruisers
Time to paint: 3hrs     Points on the table: 160pts

Before I finished the Scarabs, I completed a 3 ship squadron of Bane Class R&D Cruisers – sometimes called “Shunt” Cruisers. I found when I was painting these, that they looked better horizontal, than they did in their intended vertical configuration. They just look so much cooler this way. I drilled holes in them with my Dremel, and after the paint is completely dry on them, I’ll fill in the original flight stand holes with putty. Again – easy to paint, and easy to detail. I love Spartan models!

Relthoza Bane Class R&D Cruisers
Time to paint: 4hrs     Points on the table: 165pts


Firestorm Armada Relthoza Battleship Complete

Relthoza Battleship

This Brood Class BB is in keeping with the “grey” colour scheme Will had in mind for the Relthozan fleet. The challenge was to make it not look too bland when it was done – and I think I’ve succeeded. The paint job is simple really, and I can go back to the model for future paint sessions for additional details, but it had to be ready for battle at yesterday’s gaming session. The paint process is below:
1 – Drybrush the entire model with GW Fortress Grey
2 – Block in select superstructure with GW Hideous Blue
3 – Pick selected details out with PP Menoth White, silver and Solar Orange
4 – Highlight selected, grey hull parts with clean, light grey lines

Didn’t get to use this ship last night though – Will’s Sorylian BB wouldn’t accept its flying stand – he has to drill a deeper hole for it. This seems to be a common flaw in all his Sorylian ships – the bases don’t fit their inserts well.

Relthoza Brood Class Battleship
Points on the table: 185pts     Time to paint: 3hrs

Firestorm Armada Cruisers Complete

Relthoza Cruisers

Got another squadron of Will’s Relthoza done – this time some Swarm Class Cruisers. It really is easy to paint these guys – there’s alot of detail to pick out, or not, at your discretion. This colour scheme keeps in step with the Relthoza Frigates I completed 2 weeks ago:
1 – primed black
2 – drybrushd with GW Fortress Gray
3 – accented with GW Hideous Blue

Side by side, these guys look pretty cool in formation. I’m still hoping to get the entire Relthoza fleet completed by the end of the month, and start gaming Firestorm Armada soon.

Firestorm Armada Frigates Complete

Thought I’d share these pics of Relthoza Frigates from the Spartan Games space combat game: Firestorm Armada. These minis belong to Will the Hatton, who also bought a Sorylian starter fleet, but I agreed to paint the models for the Relthoza to expedite playing the game.

I like the Relthoza designs – their ships are more vertical than not – and these frigates cut through space like shark fins through water. I’m a little perplexed about the flight stands though – they loosely fit into the ships, allowing them to wobble. This problem would be easily fixed with some green stuff and glue, except that I would rather not have to transport the ships with the flight stands attached. Who’s successfully based their Firestorm Armada ships? How did you do it?

These are the Relthoza frigates from the side. With any luck I might be playing Firestorm Armada before the end of the month!