Yu Jing Hac Tao Missile Launcher and Daofei HMG

yu-jing-hactao-missile-launcher-and-hmgLove these Hac Tao and Daofei miniatures by Corvus Belli for Infinity the game! Probably my most favourite paint jobs so far because of all the details and layered plate armour these guys have.

I’ve decided that anyone who carries a heavier weapon in my Yu Jing army is going to have a lot of orange in their uniform; so GW Solar Orange is the main accent colour over the Casandora Yellow ink wash.  Then it’s just a matter of brighter yellow and white highlights with dark grey accents  – and you’re done!

Yu Jing Hac Tao with Missile Launcher and Daofei with HMG
Points on the table: 135 (74 ML, 61 HMG)     Time to paint: 5hrs



Yu Jing Specialist Ninjas

yu-jing-ninjasFinally got a pair of specialized Yu Jing Ninjas painted. One is a sniper, and one is a hacker – but putting both on the table is 98 points! Yikes.

I’m pretty happy with the sculpts on these, and they look good in my army’s overall yellow wash colour scheme I think. Highlights on their helmet visors was a mixed success, but from a distance they don’t look too bad. The poses are very active – even the sniper’s – which I like. These guys should never be caught standing still – just like REAL Ninjas.

Yu Jing Ninjas (MULTI Sniper and Hacker)
Time to paint: 5hrs     Points on the table: 98 (50-sniper, 48-hacker)

Relic Knights Shattered Sword Box Done

mallory-and-quillAfter GenCon, Will and I decided we’d get the new and previously purchased Relic Knights minis out and painted. I finally have a rulebook I can read, and some time for painting – and now the Shattered Sword Starter Box is complete!

The box comes with:
Mallory and Quill (Questing Knight)
x5 Swordsworn models
x2 Paragon models

That’s not a lot of models (9), but for the money it was more than worth it. The box comes with a lot of other components too – see them all here if you’re interested. Paint them up and you’re ready to play the game.

mallory-and-quill-rearWhile I like the idea of Shattered Sword being good guys, I’m not keen on painting white. White tends to make the models look a little flat, light and not very military or intimidating. So I went with Chainmail Silver as a base colour for most models, washed them twice with black and blue/black washes, then painted the blues and whites all around them.  The main blue was GW’s Enchanted Blue which was then washed with an Asurmen Blue ink wash. Then highlight as normal.

These models are easy to paint too – the detail pops off the models with almost no exceptions – very easy to pick out. Although flashing the plastic initially is a pain in the ass.

Shattered Sword Battle Box
Time to paint: 16hrs      Points on the table: 29pts



Yu Jing TAG & Yaokong Remotes Complete

Yu-Jing-Yaokong-Remotes-with-Guija-TAG-100_4377Just got these Yu Jing Yaokong Remotes and TAG done. They’ve been sitting on my desk since GenCon 2013. But no longer – I consider them done.
You can paint these things for hours – putting highlights on top of highlights, but in the end, if you’re going to play with them, you’ve got to stop and get on to the next models in your army. The Japanese Sectorial dude is just in there for scale – he was done last year.

I’m not too happy with the lighting for my cheapass Kodak Z710 camera – they’re much more harsh here than in real life. But I definitely think I achieved the anime look that Infinity is known for. The models were primed with GW white primer, then washed with a new GW ink (shade) Casandora Yellow – which looks positively orange in the bottle, but washes a nice golden yellow on the model. Where it collects, turns orange.

Yu-Jing-Yaokong-Remotes-with-Guija-TAG-100_4379Maybe I will get some more Infinity models. Only the remotes are really mine, Will the Hatton owns the rest, and I am just their painter.  But between the TAG, 2 remotes and 7 infantrymen, I’ve got a decent collection for typical games. Two ninjas are waiting in the wings for their turn on the painting dais.

Keep painting. Keep gaming dammit.

Infinity the Game – Yu Jing Squad Complete

yu-jing-sectorial-stage2First Japanese Sectorial squad is complete for my first foray into Infinity. I don’t think I want to put anymore detail on these guys – they’re a decent table top standard. They look way better on the table than under a flash camera.

While I don’t know exactly what to think about the golden colour as the foundation for my army, I do like the extreme contrast the weaponry gives. Then it’s just basic highlighting and crazy anime hair colours. Will the Hatton won’t like them – but at least they’re done!

Yu Jing Sectorial Starter Pack (w swapped ninja model)
Time to paint: 9hrs

Infinity the Game: Yu Jing Started

yu-jing-sectorial-stage1Somehow, thanks to a renewed interest in Infinity: the Game, Will the Hatton and I squeaked in not 1, but 2 games with unfinished models this week at our FLGS. They were our first games of Infinity – and we were freakin’ hooked.

I’m going to buy these Yu Jing Sectorial models from Will, so I took them home and began painting them tonight. Their base coat of paint is P3 Heartfire, washed with diluted Ogryn Flesh. They look a little whacky right now, but I can already envision what they’re going to look like finished.

I’ve painted many armies a yellow or gold base, but I especially wanted these guys to be gold because they’re not heroic sized minis – they’re actually quite fine. So I want them to be bright and strikingly contrasted – like the anime Japanese that they are!

Stay tuned – I bet these guys will be done by this weekend. – Dave