Operation Squad American Infantry Done

Operation Squad American Infantry

Operation Squad American Infantry

Because my friend Gus is visiting this coming weekend, I thought I’d paint up some soldiers from his favourite WWII armed force – the Americans. These models are 15mm Battlefront miniatures taken from a Rifle Company box set – more than enough men to model every possible combination you might choose from the main Operation Squad rulebook – with some bazookas in there for the inevitable vehicle games.

This bog standard G.I. squad starts out at 370pts for 12 men: 1 Cpl, 1 Sgt, 9 Riflemen with Garands, and 1 Rifleman with a BAR. Like most soldiers in the Operation Squad game, there are many choices for upgrades and variety:
M2 Mortars, Veteran upgrade (by removing 1 man), Thompsons for the leaders, etc.  Before I started painting I researched the look I wanted these guys to have – there are so many different kinds of American uniforms during WWII.

I chose the following colours:
– GW Gretchin Green for the jackets
– PPP Gun Corps Brown for the trousers
– PPP Bloodstone for the rifles
– PPP Hammerfall Khaki for the webbing

I block painted the models with the colours above, then washed them with Devlan Mud. The webbing went on last, and was almost drybrushed on. Because the models are so small, they have more contrast in these colours than in reality, but when they’re on the table, they look cool.

Operation Squad American Infantry
Points on the table: 600pts (all options)     Time to paint: 4hrs


Operation Squad British Commandos Done

Got my Operation Squad British Commando force done! Awesome – now I can play this much anticipated game.

Once again I’ve painted up more men than you can take in a typical force, but I’ve painted most of the options you can get for the Brits:
– 1 x Corporal
– 1 x Sergeant
– 1 x 2″ mortar
– 1 x Bren light machine gunner (with assistant)
– 1 x sniper
– 10 x Commandos with Enfields

A British Commando squad starts out at 365pts. You can easily upgrade them to 500pts, like my Panzergrenadiers, but you will probably always have less men. What the Brits excel at though is the “Trained with the Bayonet” skill, which allows them to reroll 1d6 when assaulting and allows them to keep their hidden status while assaulting. Cool.

The Universal Carriers are not included in the squad, although I may use them in my game tomorrow as scenery or give them very rudimentary rules.

Operation Squad British Commandos
Points on the table: 505pts     Time to paint: 4hrs