Operation Icestorm Nomads Painted

So after much deliberation, I chose GW’s Evil Sunz Scarlet as my base colour for Jon’s Operation Icestorm Nomads. This base colour was washed with an old bottle of GW Red Wash mixed with GW’s new Nuln Oil. This darkened down the red enough that it wasn’t a freakin’ candy red, but still light enough that they would show up well on an Infinity tabletop.


I used 22 colours and washes to get these guys done, and I could have used more, but you have to stop adding highlights and details sometime. The main accent colours are Vallejo German Grey (which is quite dark, but still shows a straight black ink wash) and GW Fortress Grey. The highlights for the red armour are GW Wild Rider Red – the side by side sister highlight to Evil Sunz Scarlet.

While these were fun to paint, I don’t think I would ever choose red as my base colour for an army ever again. It’s just such a middling colour – if you don’t choose wisely your paint may not coat opaquely enough, and some washes and highlights don’t really stand out on it. But those are my choices because I’m a lazy painter.

Nomad Icestorm Models
Time to paint: 12hrs     Points on the table: No idea – N3 is on the way!