Dave May Drops by for LotR

100_1330-dave-may Eager to try out some skirmish gaming, Dave May dropped by recently for some Lord of the Rings SBG – and we had a blast.

First Game:
The Dwarves would face off against the Uruk-Hai in 2 scenarios. The first was a scouting engagement with an unlimited number of bowmen allowed in the forces. This shows the weakness of bowfire, as both armies have very high defence ratings, there weren’t that many kills by bow. The game was settled by a meeting engagement near the board centre, as my Dwarvish Captain finished off Lurtz and his bodyguard after Dave had used Lurtz’s Fate early on in the game. This was a learning game for Dave, so we played with less than a dozen models each, and now he had a knack for the rules.

Onto Game 2:
With a full 400pts per side, Dave once again lead the Uruk-Hai – now armed with a Troll and 5 crossbowmen – into battle against my Dwarf force, now armed with an Ent ally and a standard.

100_1332-dwarves-trollThe scenario was a modified “Take and Hold” game, with a statue placed in the table centre to mark the objective. Various groupings of warriors would fight it out around the table’s perimeter, trying also to make it to the centre statue for the win. My best chance to take down Dave’s Troll was late in the game, when I had a chance to charge it with 5 Dwarves, 4 of which could actually reach. But it was not to be. One by one, with a nearby Uruk Standard Bearer, the Troll smashed my warriors; then met up with my captain and Khazad Guard bodyguard, (and smashed them too) on the way to the objective.

100_1342-the-objective2By the time my Ent and remaining warriors had entered the courtyard with the statue, I was outnumbered, leaderless and broken. Dwarves were failing their Courage tests, and fleeing the field – even the Khazad Guard. I decided to capitulate before getting tabled, and the Uruk-Hai won the day.

Great games David – you can play here anytime.


Some LotR Dwarf Ranger Bowmen

100_1321-dwarf-rangersThese Dwarf Rangers are easy to paint. I deliberately wanted them to stand out from my other Dwarf models, so they’ve been painted with an easily identifiable reddish brown called Bloodstone, from PP paints.

This, plus the obligatory green capes (Reflective Green from Vallejo), make them easy to sort in a Lord of the Rings skirmish game, as regular Dwarf Warriors can also have bows, but they don’t have the same stats. And unfortunately, they don’t have the same bows – a Ranger’s bow is called a Dwarvish longbow, but is treated like a bow – so S:2  Range:24″.

I’ve had a box of these Rangers kicking around for over a year now, but I’m finally getting around to painting them up to give my Erebor army a little more variety. It can be very frustrating for your opponent to always be fighting Def: 6 and 7 warriors, always needing a 6 to wound. Plus let’s face it, LotR SBG is a scenario driven game, and constantly playing pitched battles is not the point.

Dwarf Rangers
Points on the table: 40     Time to paint: 2hrs
F:4/3+  S:3  D:5  A:1  W:1  C:4

War of the Ring Movement Trays

100_1319-dwarves-on-trayThis past weekend I received my War of the Ring rule book – yay! But I’d already bought some WotR movement trays weeks ago to use with the skirmish game. Why? They’re an awesome way to move your men around in the SBG game’s early phases, and help speed things up. When you’re too close to the enemy to use them, you start removing your models and splitting them up as necessary.

So, crazy me, I started painting these trays, because I know they’re going to get a lot of use whether I play WotR or not. WARNING: DON’T DO WHAT I DID!! Here’s what happened to the 6 trays I bought:

1 – I glued fine ballast to their tops (like I do with all my models, as pictured above)
2 – I spray-bombed them black (this adds an additional adhesive to the ballast)
3 – I drybrushed the ballast (like I always do)
4 – I painted the edges and some interior well tops brown (like always) and allow to dry
5 – Flock with static grass – done!
6 – Reinsert models into tray and display on shelf – ACK! THEY DON’T FIT!?

WHY?! Because, after you’ve gone through all this work, chances are a couple of things have happened:
1 – Your rock or flock has gotten inside the tray wells, and because they were a perfect fit to begin with, they no longer fit (even by 2mm).
2 – Your spray paint and final colour paint are too thick inside the well to allow a fit without scratching the well’s interior

So I started reaming the tray wells with an Xacto knife and making sure each circumference was clear of debris. But because I’ve glued everything so well (remember there’s a black primer over all the ballast too), the rocks and what-not come off in big chunks; and now I’ve got exposed gray plastic everywhere and chunks of crap all over everything.

Here’s what I’m doing in the future
1 – Glue ballast to the tops, but use sand and/or ream every interior well before the glue dries
2 – Use static grass sparingly in my final step.

Let’s face it,  the model bases in the trays do most of the work of decorating them. Be sparing with the tray’s own decoration and you won’t have the problems I did. You’ve been warned…

Saruman is Complete

100_1294-saruman1Hey kids! Want to know how to add 170 points to your Uruk-Hai force quickly? Paint up Saruman!

He’s white, so all you have to paint is his skin and the shadows of his robes (cream colour), and you’re done. The fastest 170pts of an army I’ve ever painted. But it’s a cool model nevertheless – right out of The Two Towers.

Points on the Table: 170pts
Time to paint: 20mins.