Swamp Troll is Complete

This Trollblood Swamp Troll was incredibly easy to paint – it has very little detail on it that needs to be picked out with a brush. On the other hand – it has a fair amount of detail! But all of that can be painted with base coats and a good wash.

Here’s the order of painting for this model:
1 – prime black
2 – base coat entire model with GW Gretchin Green (foundation)
3 – base coat dense netting with Shadow Grey
4 – wash entire model with Devlan Mud
5 – highlight with original, slightly thinned Gretchin Green
6 – detail everything else, then some amphibious dots
7 – done!

Notes on this Swamp Troll model – I was very tempted to pick out the fine netting he has around his arms, but decided not to. It’s too fine, and highlighting may have been more of a mess than a benefit. Also, he has a huge lashing tongue, that for now I have chosen not to include – I’m going to find a better way to adhere it than just gluing – its’ too easy to knock off. Also, all gapping on this model was filled in with white glue. You should try it – way better filler than green stuff when the gaps are really small.

Swamp Troll
Points on the table: PC4     Time to paint: 2hrs


Troll Bouncer Complete

This Troll Bouncer was the last Hordes model I purchased before they announced MkII. As a result, I only ever assembled him, then let him sit ’til the rules got sorted out and made compatible with Warmachine MkII.

He was incredibly easy to paint – he’s almost completely covered in plate mail – which means I can drybrush the entire model in metallics. The order of painting is below:
1 – drybrush a base of GW Tin Bitz (rusty/dark metallic)
2 – drybrush a base coat of PP Bronze
3 – drybrush highlights of PP Brass
4 – paint the morningstar and select armour with Boltgun Metal
5 – paint shield Vallejo German Grey (wash with GW Badab Black)
6 – wash entire model with GW Devlan Mud
7 – paint blue skin (wash with GW Asurman Blue and Badab Black mix)
8 – detail/highlight model’s gear
9 – scratch up the shield with GW Chainmail
10 – done!

Sheesh, it took longer to type this than paint the model.

Troll Bouncer
Time to paint: 1-2hrs     Points on the table: 5

Whither, Warmachine?

OK, so here’s my problem with Warmachine at the moment – yes I’ve played alot of games, and I’m probably burned out on it. Yes, I fell into a painting hiatus-hole (thank-you Skaven for getting me out of that). The real problem is that I don’t know what Warmachine actually is these days, so it’s on hold until that gets well and truly sorted out.

Here’s what I mean – the Warmachine MkII testing rules came out, and my fellow gaming buddies and I embraced it. I even printed and bound this thing because I knew I’d be using it alot. I printed the cards, I made the lists, and in the end the games were good. Pretty much the same, but better; and I liked the new army list assembly procedure. But then, we were all pretty much torn as to which version we’d be playing when we got together, because some of us wanted to use our Horde armies, now incompatible with MkII, and although the rules were now better, the illustration-less, index-less rulebook was sometimes a pain to use.

Then there was a MkII update. And I refused to reprint or disassemble my “bound” copy, or use the “final” stat cards, which weren’t cards at all now, but bloody great big 8.5 x 11″ sheets of ugly layout. And the real rules weren’t that far away – January it seems? I can wait. With so many choices of rules to play now (3), and without everyone in the group up to date on all of them, Warmachine took a back seat; where it will probably remain until January.

Until then though, my interest in Fantasy has resurfaced (thanks to Skaven), and the club activity at my FLGS is way ahead of Warmachine. We’ll see what January brings – but I’m interested – is anyone else feeling the same way about this great game? Does Warmachine feel like it’s in purgatory?

Now the same thing will happen with Hordes. The new MkII Rules for Hordes are online at Privateer, but there are no cards! Just 8.5 x 11″ pages! Hey PP, I know that takes time, but come on – way more convenient than 167 pages of stats.

Trollblood Fell Caller is Complete

Trollblood Fell Caller

Trollblood Fell Caller

While my Trolls have a good selection of speed boosts, I don’t really have a good selection of CC boosts. So I went out and recruited a Fell Caller.

This guy is an exceptional CC solo – but his real skills lie in his ability to boost/inspire warrior models around him with his inate skills and his Fell Calls. Basically, any models within 6″ of him, (while he’s successfully chopping down the enemy) get +2 to their attack rolls – a boost my sorry ass Scatter Gunners could really use. But his main inspirations come from his Fell Calls:
Open Road – unit within 6″ get Pathfinder
Reveille – unit within 6″ immediately stand up if knocked down
War Cry – unit within 6″ gets +2 to all attack rolls

Fell Calls are a * Action, so he can’t do any attacking on the turn he uses them, but they all give Trollkin units interesting boosts for game play.

This model was easy enough to paint, despite the intricate detail – it’s all raised enough that it’s easy to get at/pick out with a moderately small brush, and there’s lots of recesses for washes to enhance shadows. (Don’t worry Andrew – I’m painting your Blitzer simultaneously! – check for updates on the Blitzer page.)

Trollblood Fell Caller Solo
Points on the table: 35pts     Time to paint: 2.5hrs
Spd:6  Str:7  Mat:7  Rat:4  Def:13  Arm:15  Cmd:8 – 2 swords – P+S:10 (weapon master) – 8 wounds

Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

100_1308-swamp-gobbersThe Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew was acquired out of a need for my Trollbloods to get some increased DEF stats.

Trolls are good at punching you in the face, but they’re relatively easy to hit, so I plan on using these guys to keep my advancing line safer during the early game, and my Warlock safer (as a bodyguard) in the mid to late game.

I’ve played them once already, and I like their ability to either conceal a unit within 6-10″ with fog, or lay down a fog cloud AOE of 3-5″ nearby. That’s enough to keep most units off your back from charging or easily shooting your Trolls.

Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew:
Points on the Table: 15pts     Time to paint: 45mins.
SPD:6  STR:3  MAT:3  RAT:3  DEF:15  ARM:11  CMD:7

Warmachine/Hordes Mk.II

khador-destroyerWell Kids, Mk.II versions of Warmachine and Hordes are coming out in 2010, and I say – about time! But before Privateer Press releases the hardcovers, they’re going to release the Mk.II in a playtest format, so players can beat the hell out of the army lists and provide useful feedback to PP. Wow.

Check out PP’s FAQ here and check out the plans they have for the game. They’re changing the stats for every single model in the game. I’m not going to list them here – just read it already!

Trollkin Hero is Complete

100_1270-trollkin-heroI like Solos in Warmachine and Hordes. They allow you flexibility that 10 sized units can’t. So when I saw the stats for the Trollkin Hero, I knew I had to pick him up.

This dude is basically a mini-warbeast – he gets 2 attacks with his *Attack, has a superior MAT:8, and synergizes with Trollkin Champions – one of the best infantry units in the game. All for 38pts. That’s fair, considering a Trollblood Light Warbeast is almost double that – he is almost exactly half a warbeast, with 10 hits.

Painting this guy was easy – he’s basically all armour. After black primer, I dry brushed him with GW Chainmail. After painting green trim on the armour, I washed it all with Badab Black, and used my original Chainmail for highlighting. Done! 

Trollkin Hero: Solo
Points on the table:
38pts   Time to paint: 2hrs
SPD:5  STR:8  MAT:8  RAT:4  DEF:12  ARM:17  Great Axe: 13 – Reach

(As an aside… I really think this model was inspired by WoW.  It looks like an Orc illustration right off the cover of a WoW TCG box. N’est ce pas?)

Grim Angus is Done

100_1267-grim-angusGrim Angus. As if his name wasn’t fun enough to say… there’s alot to like about this Trollblood Warlock:
• 13″ RAT:7 range
• 6 FURY
• Alchemical goggles

He’s expensive at 76pts, but it’s good to have a ‘lock with shooty skills in an army of melee experts. His alchemical goggles allow him to see through cloud effects, and specialized invisible or stealthy troops. He can also see through forests, and confer this ability to beasts/units with his “Cross Country” upkeep spell.

I’ve painted up 2 of him because I offered to paint Andrew the Smith’s too. As long as he didn’t mind mine looking identical – it was not really an imposition to do 2 at once, and I think they both look good. Got that Andrew – your Grim is done!

Grim Angus – Trollblood Trollkin Warlock Character
Points on the table: 76pts   Time to paint: 4hrs (for both – 18 colours(!))

SPD:6  STR:7  MAT:6  RAT:7  DEF:16  ARM:15  Fury:6  CMD: 8  Hits:17

Dire Troll Mauler

This is an unfortunate picture of my newly completed Dire Troll Mauler. This guy looks alot better in person – my work table lighting is pretty harsh.

This guy actually painted up pretty quickly given his size – there’s not a lot of detail on him, but lots of things to highlight. I’m going to live with this paint job for a while, then revisit painting him with more detail. It was a toss up between buying this Mauler or an Earthborn. In the end I chose the Mauler because of its awesome animus – “RAGE” – and its price – about $12 cheaper than an Earthborn. 

Total paint time – 3hrs, although it took a full hour to flash and assemble him too. Points on the table: 111.