Heavy Gear CEF Army for Sale [Sold]

Hey Guys – I’m putting my Heavy Gear Blitz CEF army up for sale. Below is a picture of it in all its glory. There are 38 bases of models in this force – 2 Heavy Hover tanks, 12 stands of infantry, 16 N-KIDU drones, 4 Armigers, and 4 CEF Frames that make up a Heavy Frame Squad.

I’ve lowered the asking price $220, which will also include the new, updated, mini versions of Return to Cat’s Eye, Field Manual Core Rulebook Revised, and shipping. Drop me an email at battlemind@hotmail.com if interested.

Heavy Gear Blitz CEF Army for Sale

Heavy Gear Blitz CEF Army for Sale


Heavy Gear Blitz CEF Army Complete

This is actually a momentous occasion – I finished an army! Seriously, I haven’t done this since I gave up WarhammerFantasy. Now I can play Heavy Gear with others with a monster CEF force, or split it in two and have different parts fight against each other.

Heavy Gear Blitz CEF Army

My Heavy Gear Blitz CEF Army

Now let’s count up the points in this picture:
Tanks – 480+
Hvy Frame Squad – 255+
GREL Infantry Platoon – 160+
Utopian Recce Troupe – 380+
Utopian Support Troupe – 350+
Total: 1625+ pts

That’s a lot of points for Heavy Gear Blitz – games of 500 points are typical. Awesome – can’t wait to play. Ya… not sure I mentioned that… I haven’t played it yet. Battle report to follow!

Heavy Gear Utopian Recce Troupe Complete

Completing this latest squad – my Utopian Armiger Automaton Control Recce Troupe – means I’m completing my CEF army as well. I’m sure I’ll be buying little customizable fiddly bits for it in the future, but I’ve now finished 5 complete combat squads for my CEF, and it’s got lots of choices for gaming.

Heavy Gear Blitz Utopian Recce Troupe

Heavy Gear Blitz Utopian Recce Troupe

These guys took very little time to paint because their detail is very pronounced, so hitting the right parts is really easy to do. I’m also a big fan of this scale of miniature – enough detail up close and from 3 feet away to be distinctive without being over the top.

The paints used are identical to my other Utopians:
1 – Base coat with Vallejo Neutral Grey then wash with GW Badab Black
2 – Forward facing domes were painted with PPP Menoth White Base
3 – Rocket paints were painted with GW Macharius Solar Orange
4 – Highlight to taste with GW Fortress Grey

This Recce Troupe can be played as a core N-KIDU Sin Cluster or as the Utopian Recce Troupe add-on for the CEF army it was meant to be. Also, I now have 2 full squads of Utopians to use, so I could have a decent battle pitting my CEF against them – or use them as I intended – as an integrated force within the CEF who conquered them so many years ago.

Armiger Automaton Control Recce Troupe
Points on the table: 380+     Time to paint: 6hrs

Heavy Gear Utopian Sin Cluster Complete

Utopian N-Kidu Sin Cluster

Utopian N-Kidu Sin Cluster

This group of 8 Utopian N-KIDU T Drones is more than enough to make up a basic core battlegroup for Heavy Gear Blitz. Eventually it will be controlled by 2 Armiger Suits, but I’m leaving those guys ’til the very end to be painted. I have another 8 N-KIDU R Drones to be assembled as well.

Together they will form my Utopian army –  1x Armiger Recce Troupe and 1x Armiger Support Troupe. The base cost of these 2 troupes alone will be close to 1000TV – they don’t look like much, but there will be lots of them!

This is why I chose a Heavy Gear CEF army in the first place – the CEF (“Earth”) forces are conquerers, so they incorporate conquered military technology into their Order of Battle. As a player, it gives me the opportunity to field a huge variety of units – including the super cool Capricians – into a highly variable force that doesn’t need to get stale.

I painted these Drones to blend in well with a CEF amalgamated force, but they’re just diferent enough that they can visually stand on their own if I want to play them as a separate army. The paints used were:
– Vallejo Neutral Grey which was then washed with a weak GW Badab Black
– The forward domes were painted with GW Macharius Orange
– The rocket packs were painted with PPP Jack Bone
– Highlighting and some details were done with GW Fortress Grey

N-KIDU Automaton Sin Cluster
Points on the table:  240+     Time to paint:  3hrs

Heavy Gear CEF Infantry Finished

When I attended Game Summit in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a Utopian starter army and a CEF GREL Infantry platoon. The problem was, I liked the brand new NuCoal infantry sculpts so much better, I decided to use them as GRELs instead.

CEF Heavy Gear Infantry Platoon

CEF Heavy Gear infantry platoon.

Even though I don’t see guys using a lot of infantry in Heavy Gear, I’m a sucker for buying a variety of troops, and trying to do something good with underdog units. So I bought the GRELs!

I like the idea of infantry in all my sci fi games. No matter how many mecha or low orbit satellites you might use in a game, infantry put a human element onto the battlefield – they’re something we can all relate to. And they lend scale too. You’d never realize how large these CEF gears were until you put them next to this CEF infantry platoon.

The base colours to paint the GRELs were the same as the CF6-16s:
– Base coat with GW Macharius Orange
– Wash with GW Baal Red, mixed with a little Badab Black
– Detail with 2 colours – Vallejo German Grey and light Macharius Orange (mixed with a little PPP Jack Bone)

There’s alot of good detail on these sculpts, so it’s really easy to pick out the armor. But I painted them to look good at 3 feet!

CEF GREL Infantry Platoon
Points on the table: 160+     Time to paint: 3hrs

Heavy Gear CEF Army Completed

Finished the Heavy Frame Squad for my CEF Heavy Gear army! Thought I’d take a picture of all the models together – don’t mind the harsh edges of the flash.

Piecing an army together in Heavy Gear isn’t a starightforward affair – it’s kind of convoluted actually. Especially if your army is from a subsequent source book like my Colonial Expedition Force here. I’ll rant about it another time perhaps, but suffice it to say that this is a legal CEF army at PL:3, with the heavy squad being the mandatory Specialist sqd., and the 2 hovertanks being an Auxiliary combat group.

I chose and bought these models before I’d fully understood the army selection process for Heavy Gear. I knew that CEF used tanks as core, so I bought the two HT-68s. But as it turned out, CEF light tanks are core, not the heavies. I bought the Heavy Frame Squad because I wanted gears in my force, without realizing that they were a Specialist combat group. Now I had to play at least a Priority Level 3 army to put these 2 squads on the table on their own.

Now let’s add up the points on these bad boys:
Heavy Hovertank Squad: 480 pts (with no other upgrades)
Heavy Frame Squad: 255 pts (incl. the minimum mission packs they must buy)
Total points on the table: 735 pts      Time to paint all models: 12 hrs (6 for the tanks, 6 for the Gears)

Heavy Gear Romans

Dave May brought some Warlord Roman Legionairies back for me from Hotlead. I tried painting them tonight with decent speedy effects.

I got these two prototype guys done in 2hrs, with techniques I wasn’t expecting to use. I drybrushed their armour, instead of painting and washing. In fact, the only washing I did was on their flesh and sandals, where the detail is very subtle. I don’t feel they need washes everywhere, and that surprised me. I also did some blacklining for added pop – something I rarely do.

I also worked on the last of my Heavy Gear CEF tanks. The squadron is now complete. Two tanks is 480pts minimum(!) in a Heavy Gear game, so I don’t think I want to buy any more for a while, unless it’s a light tank squadron to fulfill a core choice at PL 1 or 2.

I like them – nice models to assemble and paint. Easy highlighting too – lots of hard edges to pick out.

CEF Hovertank Complete

It’s a nice model, the CEF HT-68 Hovertank.  It goes together really well, flashes easily and paints beautifuly for a resin model.

After finally getting my reading glasses back from repair, I can continue painting minis. I was a little intimidated by this model, the first of 2, because it’s a fair size and has lots of smooth surfaces – 2 qualities that don’t fit well into my painting style of block painting and washes. But I still think it turned out well. The HT-68 is a really large tank in the Heavy Gear universe, but that’s what CEF (Earth) forces are best at – larger but fewer combat vehicles, with tanks as core in most priority levels. In fact, I bought the HT-68s without knowing exactly what their threat value was, and as it turns out, they’re still a hefty 240pts each.

Here’s how I painted it:
1 – Primed white
2 – Base coated with GW Solar Orange
3 – Washed with 2:1 GW Baal Red and Devlan Mud
4 – Sectionally painted with Vallejo German Grey
5 – Highlighted with the Solar Orange mixed with PP Menoth White Base
6 – All greys were edged with GW Boltgun Metal
7 – Mounted on the supplied base with washers to boost it up and give the model weight 

Points on the table: 240pts    Time to paint: 3hrs

First CEF Heavy Gear Finished

This BF2-19 is the first frame I’ve assembled and painted for my CEF Heavy Gear army. I chose the CEF because of its free access to Caprician and Utopian units; and because it’s CEF I thought I would paint it up in an audacious, anime colour scheme.

The base paint for the model was GW Solar Orange, washed with a 2:1 mixture of Baal Red and Devlan Mud. I then picked out individual sections with PP Menoth White Base, and Vallejo German Grey. Pretty easy to paint actually – there’s so much edging and detail to catch.

CEF BF2-19 Heavy Frame
Points on the table: 60(ish)     Time to paint: 2hrs