Warp Spider Squad is Complete

100_1282-warpspidersThese Warp Spiders were actually a hard unit to paint- they had to be painted with some detail, or they wouldn’t look any good. Of course there’s alot of detail on the models, but simple washes and highlighting still wouldn’t cut it. So I had to paint their individual parts, and that took a lot of time.

Warp Spiders are Fast Attack choices in the Eldar Codex – they move like jump pack troops, can run as usual, and can actually move an additional 2d6 with their jump generators. Fast! I can also give them Hit and Run if I take an Exarch. Which would make this 5 model unit worth 137pts. I have 4 more of these guys to use for a fuller unit, but I’m only going to paint a minimum unit size for now – I’m getting pretty tired of painting Eldar.

Eldar Warp Spiders:
WS:4  BS:4  S:3  T:3  W:1  I:5  A:1  Ld:9  Sv:3+
Points on the table: 137pts     Time to paint: 6hrs


Eldar Avatar is Complete

100_1280-eldar-avatarI never really liked the Eldar Avatar of Khaine until I used him in Dawn of War. In DoW he’s an unstoppable killing machine – glowing and nasty as all hell. As well he should be – he’s a daemon incarnate – come to wreak vengeance on the enemy of the Eldar. Yay! There are reasons he’s the first unit described in the codex: he’s a cc nightmare – 4 attacks at S:6, untouchable by melta and flamer weaponry, monstrous creature privileges, and the Wailing Doom – a sword that’s a 12″ melta gun. What’s not to like?

This model was painted pretty quickly, with deliberate effect. I wanted a glowing, fire-hot model that looked like armoured magma, and I think I’ve achieved it pretty well. Only the Avatar’s loin cloth isn’t on fire – and that just so I could tie him into my army colours a little better.

The model was spray painted white, washed in yellow ink, washed in orange ink, and finally washed in part, in red ink. Then I did light yellow and white highlights. Done. It’s a pretty cool model for washing – lots and lots of detail is brought out in the process.

Eldar Avatar of Khaine:
WS:10  BS:5  S:6  T:6  W:4  I:6  A:4  Ld:10  Sv:3+

Points on the table: 155pts     Time to paint: 2.5hrs

Wraithguard are Complete

100_1277-wraithguardI’ve had these Wraithguard for many years now, and only since I’ve been painting my Eldar army recently, have they been completed. I like the idea of Wraithguard – walking dead, elite soldiers entombed in mechanical bodies – before I really knew how they’d function in my army.

I know these guys will be tricky to use – their short range guns (12″) are AP:2, and inflict hits on vehicles 66% of the time. But they’re 35pts a piece, and basically shutdown 1/6th of the time if not within 6″ of a Warlock. They really should be mounted in a Wave Serpent so they can be disembarked and blasting other vehicles or MCs right away. But I don’t have a Wave Serpent!

This unit is painted, but not finished. I’ll come back to them some day and add more detail when I have time, but for now they’re good enough for the table.

Eldar Wraithguard:
Points on the table:175pts     Time to paint: 3.5hrs
WS:4  BS:4  S:5  T:6  W:1  I:4  A:1  Ld:10(fearless)  Sv:3+

Eldar Vyper is Complete

Eldar Vyper
Eldar Vyper

I just had a quick check with Army Builder – with completion of this Vyper, I have now officially painted 1000pts of Eldar. Yay!

This is another model that you could spend so much more time on. For now, I’m happy to have it at tabletop quality, and be glad to get onto the next unit. The Vyper is a really interesting platform of weapons – do you get the Shuriken Cannon upgrade and use it for infantry support, along with say, a  Scatter Laser? Or do you say to hell with the short stuff, and put a Bright Lance on it? The latter loadout will make your opponent’s armour sweat – a lance treats all armour above S:12 as S:12.  Once again, too bad about the BS:3.

The most problematic assembly of any model I’ve done yet for the Eldar – I had to assemble and paint it, in stages. I hate doing that. And in the end, the arms reaching for the handles didn’t line up perfectly. I’m eager to see it in action with a holo-field and maybe some star engines.

Eldar Vyper: Time to paint: 5hrs  Points on the table:125pts

Eldar Falcon is Complete

Eldar FalconThe Eldar Falcon is a really cool tank skimmer. Its outlines were innovative in the 40K universe. It’s also a model that you could put alot of time into if you wanted – there’s so much understated detail.

But… maybe later. Right now I have to get 1000pts ready for SuperBowl weekend gaming with GamerGus, and I’ve got a lot more models yet to paint.

Because the Pulse Laser’s range is 48″, I think this unit will be standing off at long range to fire at armour; therefore its secondary gun should also be long range – probably the Eldar Missile Launcher – also S:8. It’s an armour hunter for sure, and good at taking out SM Terminators and vehicles. Too bad about the BS:3.

Time to paint: 8hrs    Points on the table: 180pts