JR Miniatures Resin Islands are Great!

JR Miniatures: Resin Islands

JR Miniatures: Resin Islands

I’m diggin’ these resin islands from JR Miniatures. They have fantastic rocky textures sculpted into them, are tough as nails, and paint up fast.

I got them a couple of months ago from Meeplemart in Toronto, so they were a good price to boot. I’ll be using them with Spartan’s Dystopian Wars and Uncharted Seas naval games. They’re more in scale with the DW ships, but they look good side by side with my Orcs from US. Even though they’re made of resin too, they’re a very different kind of resin than what’s used in the ships’ sculpts – glossy and hard as glass. But way more durable.

I got off to a bad start painting these – I used GW Roughcoat primer to prime them with, since I didn’t care if the extra texture presented on the rocks. But GW Roughcoat is not a primer – it’s a paint – and I didn’t know that ’til I brought these into teh house and the “primer” started to flake off. So I scrubbed them all with a stiff nylon brush, removed all the Roughcoat, and primed them again with my favourite black primer. No problems on take two.

JR Miniatures Resin IslandThen it was a quick 4 colour drybrush job to get them to the typically rocky state they are. I admit I didn’t use any whacky colours here, just:
1. GW Shadow Grey
2. GW Shadow Grey lightened with Fortress Grey
3. Highlight the rock with white
4. Edge the shores with PPP Battle Dress Green (and bring it into the interiors somewhat)

But I like them. They look way better in person than these photos. Get some if you’re doing up a naval battle board – JR Miniatures islands are well priced, well sculted and tough as nails. They get the Battlemind thumbs up seal of approval.


Dystopian Wars Republique of France Fleet Done

Republique of France Dystopian Wars Fleet

Republique of France Dystopian Wars Fleet

Just finished my Republique of France fleet from Spartan Games – and what an amazing fleet it is.

The French have pretty sexy designs for their ships – much more modern than my Americans, and about par with the Prussians. Apparently there’s a skimmer version of the Magenta Pocket Battleship – which I will gladly buy when I next get down to the city.

Republique of France Magenta Class Pocket Battleship

Republique of France Magenta Class Pocket Battleship

I primed these ships with white, base coated them with PPP Bastion Grey, washed them with a 1:1:1 mix of water, Devlan Mud and Badab Black, then highlighted them to preference. The major accents are GW Mechrite Red, PPP Menoth White Base and GW Fortress Grey.

Republique of France Marseille Class Cruisers

Republique of France Marseille Class Cruisers

Once again I think these Spartan models are well done – they’re an amazing price for well detailed, well envisioned models. I didn’t have any resin parts with holes, I didn’t have to repair or enlarge the holes for the bases this time – just top notch models! Spartan’s stuff is getting better every month. Now I have 2 complete fleets to battle it out! I’m hoping my friends will be picking up more Dystopian Wars stuff soon too.

Republique of France Fleet
Points on the table: 640pts     Time to paint: 20hrs

John Henry Class Robots Complete

John Henry Class Robots

John Henry Class Robot Squadron

If you’re going to have flyers in your FSA army, you have to have some flying robots! They’re not as sexy as something out of a Zeta Gundam movie, but these John Henry Class Robots will do the trick at keeping your flying opponents at bay!

I really like these Spartan models – they’re easy to assemble, have lots of raised detail to paint easily, and did I mention they’re FLYING FUCKING ROBOTS?! Each one is the same cost as a Lee Class Scoutship, but faster, slightly more deadly at range, is superior at shooting down other flyers, and best of all – ignores command distance rules. So fly my dreaded John Henries – find the Hun or evil Brits or whatever – and shoot them out of the skies! Can’t wait to use you.

John Henry Class Robot Squadron
Points on teh table: 120pts     Time to paint: 3hrs

Dystopian Wars FSA Lee Class Scoutships Done

FSA Lee Class Scoutship

FSA Lee Class Scoutships

Got my new additions for Dystopian Wars done – my Lee Class Scoutships. I think these are some of the cooler models the FSA can have, and I bought them without giving a second thought to their stats. But the stats are great!

Sharpshooters is a nice MAR. It’s not going to win you games, but it should help frustrate your opponent’s assaults. Likewise Armoured Topside is a perk, but not a game changer. Jettison Damage however is a really nice feature of the Lee. That 1 point of hull damage recovery could mean alot. The final MAR is Spotter – a very nice skill to use with my Princeton Gunships’ Indirect Fire MAR. All for 60pts apiece!

I primed these with white, like my other FSA models, and base coated the models with Vallejo Green Grey, another US military colour that I thought I might use for my FSA airships. I ended up using the American Uniform Green as well anyway, to tie them back into the rest of my navy. The armoured noses are Vallejo German Grey, and the reds are GW Mechrite Red. Everything was washed with a mix of GW Badab Black and Devlan Mud.

Time will tell, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to put some more details into their middle span.

Dystopian Wars FSA Lee Class Gunships
Points on the table: 240pts     Time to paint: 5hrs 

Dystopian Wars FSA Fleet Complete

Dystopian Wars FSA Fleet

Dystopian Wars FSA Fleet

It didn’t take too long to paint the rest of my Dystopian Wars FSA fleet. After the Independence Class Battleship was finished, I had a really good idea of the painting scheme for the rest of the vessels – green. Oh I tried to come up with a paint scheme that was different from most – as I usually do – but the American Uniform Green by Vallejo just seemed to fit. It’s also a fairly light green , so after a wash of Devlan Mud and Badab Black or Thraka Green, it’s still a fairly bright colour on the tabletop.

Only the Princeton Class Gunships aren’t from the Federated States of America starter box. I decided to do them before the Lexington Class Cruisers because I wanted to use their bombard ability. Unfortunately, my Lee Class Scoutships are also unfinished, and they’re the only unit with the spotting ability! Doh!

The models for the FSA that I’ve purchased but haven’t painted yet:
2x Lee Class Scoutships
2x John Henry Class Robots
3x Lexington Class Cruisers

Gotta say I’m loving these models – great price, great detail, easy to paint and high interest amongst my gaming buddies. I’ve already purchased and assembled a French starter fleet, and can’t wait to get into the rules in earnest. Haven’t played my first game yet, but I’ve got a few Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas under my belt, so it shouldn’t be a confusing start.

Federated States of America (FSA) Fleet (with Gunships)
Points on the table: 760pts     Time to paint: 30hrs

Dystopian Wars FSA Battleship Complete

Dystopian Wars FSA Battleship

Dystopian Wars FSA Battleship

I bought my first Dystopian Wars fleet about a month ago from Meeplemart inToronto. All the nations in this game have cool ships, but I thought that the Federated States of America had the best themed for the post WWI era they’re supposed to exist in.

I painted the FSA Independence Class Battleship first, thinking that with its size, I could easily set the tone and detail for all the smaller ships to come, so much easier. I think I was right. After about 6hrs I was done, and I really like the result. Gotta admit it looks way better from 3 feet away though – not so intense a green under normal lighting.

How I painted it:
1 – Prime with white
2 – Base coat the entire thing with Vallejo Green Ochre (a desert like colour). This is because any metallics I might use later on will look and adhere better to a tan than white.
3 – Wash the whole thing with GW Badab Black and Devlan Mud mixed with water
4 – Paint the green sides and substructure with Vallejo American Uniform Green
5 – Wash the green with a heavily diluted Devlan Mud (light discoloration only)
6 – Detail with Mechrite Red, and Vallejo German Grey
7 – Highlight the green with the original American uniform and PPP Necrotite Green

FSA Independence Class Battleship
Points on the table: 170     Time to paint: 6hrs