EnglishAndrew Drops By

While I may not have painted anything in weeks, I’m still getting in some games. EnglishAndrew, back from flying around the world buying up pharmaceutical companies, stopped by for a rare visit and some Command & Colors: Ancients. This photo shows the tidy start of the Epic Battle of Raphia (217 BC), possible with the use of the base CC:A set and the 1st expansion: Eastern Kingdoms.

The battle result was historical, with my Ptolemaic army winning the day (yay! – I never beat Andrew :/ ), but not without some heavy losses from the Seleucid army’s initial mounted charge. My left flank was battered, but managed to reform and hold, while my right flank’s combination of elephant, heavy horse and light horse won me the final banners necessary to win. The light horse surround the enemy, while the cataphracts hit them, leaving them no where to run – it’s a lethal combo.

Beforehand, we got in 3 smaller scenario games:
• Clastidium from the Barbarian expansion
• Clusium (x2) also Rome vs. Gauls

I demanded a rematch on Clusium after receiving a rather bad hand of cards throughout (and also playing fast and reckless) for which I was punished by Andrew’s more tried and true tactics. The day’s tally was 2-2 for the four games.

A great system, and a good time. Thanks for making the trek Andrew.