Demon Prince is Complete

Daemon Prince

This Demon Prince took alot of time to assemble and paint. First off, it was probably the worst GW metal model I’ve ever had to assemble – it took me 2  days to assemble because I had so much putty work to do on it. And it was puttying I had to do in stages – assemble the torso, putty the gaps, let dry. Assemble the back pack to torso, putty, let dry…. repeat as necessary until complete.

Painting it was pretty easy, though time consuming – there were alot of details. All in all I used 18 different paints, inks and washes on this guy. I know because it’s an old habit I’ve gotten into when I paint a model or unit – I leave the colour I’ve just used next to my painting area, so when the model’s done, I can either record what I’ve used for the future, or see exactly how many colours went into a model. It can be really surprising, and 18 is not the most for a single guy by far!

I intend to play this guy with wings and Warptime so he will be a serious distraction on the battlefield. Those 2 upgrades are really useful and don’t make him too expensive points wise. I haven’t played with him yet (or any of my Chaos Marines, actually) but I know he’s going to do me proud.

Btw – that’s a shitty photo; he’s much better looking in person.

Daemon Prince
Points on the table: 155pts     Time to paint: 6hrs


Second Chaos Rhino Complete

This was the first truly Chaos vehicle kit I bought – kit comes with spikes, chains, a whack of icons on extra plate to stick on wherever you can. But the best truly Chaos bit is the 6-tube Havoc Launcher – a 5/5 twin linked, 48″ blast weapon, that I hope is worth its 15pts.

I’m sold on the idea of using Rhinos, whereas I wasn’t during 4th Ed.: they guarantee you a 12″ move for your troops, they ‘re great mobile cover if they get out, and they’re the best save you could hope for against high power weaponry in the open! 

This model was painted with the following colours:

  • Fenris Grey base, highlighted with Hideous Blue
  • Mechrite Red parts (with PPKhador Highlight for accents)
  • The usual, Vallejo Brass, Boltgun Metal, Tin Bitz and Chainmail for metals
  • Mud is stipples Graveyard Earth then stippled Vermin Brown

The driver is in green – that’s because I intend to deliver Plague Marines with this Rhino. (And also because I wanted to break up the overall blue scheme with something different. Too much blue!)

I intend to equip it with a Havoc Launcher and dozer blade, so it can advance no matter what the terrain. I’m toying with the Daemonic Possession upgrade, but I think if a Rhino gets hit, it’s more apt to get  popped than stunned, and that upgrade is alot of pts at 20. Like my other Rhino, I gave this one an aerial too – made out of guitar string, which will naturally keep its shape and tension, yet is flexible enough to hit while transporting and gaming.

Chaos Rhino 2
Points on the table: 45pts     Time to paint: 5hrs

Chaos Terminators Complete

Chaos Terminators

These Chaos Terminators are set-up for assaulting, as best they can, given the model bits I had available. Bog standard, these guys come with twin-linked bolters and power weapons, so they’re all good at assaulting. One trooper will have a chain-fist to make them more dangerous against vehicles, and at least one will probably have a combi-melta, and one a heavy flamer. To increase their initiative, I’ll probably be taking an Icon of Slaanesh, which will simultaneously let me deep strike Lesser Daemons to help out in the combat.

These 5 models took about 5hrs all together to paint – there’s not a lot of detail really. I’m impressed with their Imperial armour – it has alot of skulls, and skulls are of course EVIL. Perhaps later, I’ll do some grime streaks on their joints to make them look a little older and more used; but right now I just need to get them done.

Chaos Terminators
Points on the table: 190pts     Time to paint: 5hrs 

Summoned Lesser Daemons Complete

I got these models from my totally hetero friend, Glen. They were based up for WHFB, so all I had to do was find some slotted round bases, and replant them with some new rock and flock – and I was done!

I like the idea of these guys in my Chaos Space Marine army – they’re a very different unit in 40K. Always starting in reserve, Lesser Daemons arrive by deep striking onto the battlefield within 6″ of a Chaos icon. If there are no Chaos icons on the table when they’re supposed to arrive, they’re destroyed instead. I’m hoping it pays off to use them wherever they’re needed – they’re great distraction troops, and they’re pretty good in cc too.

I helped Glen paint these models 2 or 3 years ago. They were painted very simply and quickly:

  • prime the models white
  • base coat yellow or pink
  • wash with orange or red ink respectively
  • highlight with the original base colour and add blue tongues

For a unit of 12 guys, these guys were painted up in about 4 hours. The above photo is crappy – they look alot better in person. Their bright demonic colours are quite the contrast to everything else in my army – and in 40K in general!

Summoned Lesser Daemons
Points on the table: 156pts    Time to paint: 4hrs

Chaos Terminator Prototypes

Just quickly today I completed 2 Chaos Terminator protypes for my up and coming squad. The guys pictured here are bog-standard: power weapon/twin-linked bolter toting dudes.

Ultimately, I think this squad will be kitted out for assault. So far my army doesn’t have any assault oriented guys, so I’m tempted to deep strike them near a Chaos icon, that’s hopefully half way up the battlefield, and let loose with rapid fire and heavy flamer shots. Or maybe they should just get in a Land Raider and go. But I don’t have a Land Raider.

These guys are painted in the same scheme as my first CSM squad: Cygnar Blue base coat, Cygnar Blue Highlight drybrush, highlighted with Cygnar Highlight and Fenris Gray mixed, and Mechrite Red for accents. They paint up really fast actually, because there’s not a lot of detail.

Chaos Terminators
Time to paint: 2hrs     Points on the table: 60pts

2nd Chaos Dreadnought Complete

Got my second (and last) Chaos Dreadnought done. This one is from the Black Reach box set and has limited weapon options, so… it’s outfitted with a multi-melta (or plasma gun) and a dreadnought cc weapon. It’ll be needing close infantry support, but otherwise it can hold its own against heavy infantry, and most light vehicles.

This model was painted almost identically to the first dread – with Fenris Grey, and Mechrite Red – both are foundation paints from GW. There’s enough skulls and crap on the hull to let it be reasonably played as a Chaos dread, but really, the Chaos dread models suck.

Chaos Dreadnought
Points on the table: 105pts     Time to paint: 3hrs

Chaos Plague Marines Complete

Actually, I’ve had these guys done for about a week now, but haven’t been able to post recently. I intend to equip these guys with a Champion (power fist, combi-melta and personal icon), and a Rhino – which I’m working on now.

Like my last unit, I’m surprised how much time I’m putting into these guys; although I am getting faster. This squad is mostly converted from my now defunct Space Marine chapter – but paint them green, and give them EVIL shoulder pads and they look the part well enough. Watch out Gus Terziano…

Chaos Plague Marines
Points on the table: 270pts     Time to paint: 8hrs

Plague Marine Squad Started

This is my first attempt at converting my older Space Marine models.

I grabbed some older SM tacticals, removed their right shoulder pads and heads, and replaced them with EVIL Chaos equivalents. I then reprimed them, to erase their earlier yellow selves, and washed them with 3 different kinds of green paint.

I didn’t want these Plague Marines to have identical colour schemes – I thought that wouldn’t happen “naturally”, so they’re all slightly different somehow. The effect is pretty good! There’s more of these guys to come – I want a full squad of 10 – these are just the bolter dudes for now. The next 5 will incorporate the Champion with power fist, a personal icon and maybe a meltagun or 2.

Chaos Plague Marine Squad
Points on the table: 115pts     Time to paint: 4hrs

Chaos Dreadnought Complete

While I like most of the Chaos Space Marine models, the dreadnought is a major exception. It looks old and has weird dimensions. This Imperial Dreadnought, which I already owned, is a much better proportioned model.

As long as I have SM models I don’t want anyway, I’m going to offer them to the gods of Chaos for a new paint job, and griming up. Grime is EVIL. This model has been painted in Fenris Grey, GW’s foundation paint, and given my Final Chapter’s accent colours of Mechrite Red and brass. It’s not particularly evil looking, but I expect there’ll be some CSM vehicles in my future, and I’ll steal iconography and details from them.

I’m going to outfit this dread with a missile launcher and twin-linked autocannon – it’s job will be to support advancing infantry, and light vehicle control.

Chaos Dreadnought
Points on the table: 110pts   Time to repaint: 1hr

10 Man CSM Squad Complete

Band of Evil Brothers

So – my first Band of Evil – a full 10 man squad of Chaos Space Marines – is complete! Along with converted rhino no less.

I bought these guys on Tuesday, they’re done on Saturday – awesome – they’re working out to be about 1.5hrs/guy to paint. Why? There’s just so much interesting detail to pull out, I can’t pass it up: every helmet is different, every pose is unique – I loved painting these guys.
Now let’s add up the points of how I intend to run them:
  • 10 men with Champion – 165pts
  • Power fist upgrade – 25pts
  • Meltagun – 10pts
  • Icon of Chaos Glory – 10pts
  • Chaos Rhino dedicated transport (with Havoc launcher) – 50pts
Chaos Space Marine Squad
Points on the table: 260pts     Time to paint: 20hrs (including Rhino)