Painting Halo Fleet Battles – Part 2

When I started painting the Covenant fleet from Halo Fleet Battles, I experimented with 6 different painting styles, and major colour variations. In the end I went with a straight up purple paint (from Vallejo) applied overtop of silver washed with GW Druchii Violet.


You can see how the violet ink wash over silver gives the model a kind of glowing silver appearance. It looks kind of weird at this stage, but I know that more than half the model will be covered in purple, so the silver that’s left will keep some of that glow. The Covenant Heavy Corvettes in the background are already done in this photo, so I know I’m happy with this technique.

covenant-fleet-halo-fleet battles

Here’s a fleet photo of the Covenant from Halo Fleet Battles. Overall it’s a cohesive looking fleet, but deviates from the mono colour schemes of straight purple. By breaking up each model’s surface detail, you get a cool looking ship that still maintains the purple feel of the Covenant. Small accents of blue and violet, as well as many many ship lights, highlight each model.


A close up of the Covenant ORS Heavy Cruiser – just enough detail so it looks really good on the tabletop. You could paint details on this thing for days, but I’d rather get on to my next miniatures in queue, or start playing Halo Fleet Battles asap.


One thought on “Painting Halo Fleet Battles – Part 2

  1. Beautiful, brilliant work. I love painting ship models myself, as well as building them from the ground up. Lots of fun. Seeing your work made my day

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