Gaming Resolutions for 2015

I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions; but gaming resolutions I love! Here’s what I plan for 2015: krosmaster-arena-1200

Krosmaster Arena! Love it – love the look, love the balance, love the easy way it can be picked up or taught. All that with a collectible game that you can pursue as much or as little as you want.

Picking up more characters for Krosmaster Arena can be as lazy as once a month or never – and I can’t stress this enough to newer players thinking about getting into the game. Expansions aren’t necessary, but like most good games, they will enhance Krosmaster as your experience grows.

Some people may recognize Krosmaster Arena as a competitive, tournament based game. And it is perfect for that. But don’t get into it thinking you have to only play in tournaments or you’re a putz. There are very few Krosmaster tourneys around the world. Play for the strategic, pre-painted fun of it all. I know I will be playing this more in 2015.

infinity-n3-600Infinity 3rd Edition! Often called N3, Infinity is a game that has really grown on me, even though I’ve played less than a dozen games. I’ve painted more models for other people than I have for myself! But what’s not to like? Anime based miniature skirmish combat, whose basic rules are actually pretty easily learned – with more complexity only coming when you add troopers that have it.

This game is fast, looks fantastic, and is based in a sci-fi universe you can easily wrap your head around – it makes sense. I’m looking forward to playing more Infinity in 2015, and getting into it seriously as my love of miniature gaming becomes resurgent. I was away (never completely, but mostly) in 2014 because I was tired of painting mass battle armies that were too expensive and time consuming – the new models never seemed to end, and I felt like a putz not keeping up.

Infinity doesn’t care. Infinity wants you to play. So here’s to hoping I get more of this great game in during 2015.

battlelore-1200Battlelore Command and Battlelore 2nd Edition! I’m really diggin’ Battlelore Command for iOS. I blasted through the Daqan campaign in no time at all, but not at all easily. The AI is smart – always sticking to the scenario victory conditions – and the interface is intuitive and actually fun to use.

I’ve had my eye on the Battlelore 2nd Edition board game as well. I have no doubt I will pick it up in 2015 at some point. I owned and played 1st edition fairly frequently – even started painting some of the models – but when 2nd edition was announced, I was all in. I love the RuneWars/Rune Age/Runebound universe that is Terrinoth, and I have no doubt that painting the game models will be a breeze.

That will make Battlelore my mass battle game for 2015 – albeit heavily abstracted. Here’s hoping Fantasy Flight Games adds more to the iOS game (which may be coming to PC!) and stays invested in expanding the Battlelore board game universe.

descent-2nd-edDescent 2nd Edition! God I hope I get to play this game in 2015. I bought it in the summer of 2014 while at a trade show in the US, and immediately read the rules and punched the counters.

Since then I have only started painting the character models and monsters involved in the first few scenarios. I didn’t care that they were painted before I played, but it would be nice, and the likely opponents I will be playing with will definitely appreciate it.

FFG’s support for this game is phenomenal – it’s a big seller – here’s hoping i get my money’s worth out of my copy in 2015.

So that’s it.
What are you going to be doing in 2015 with your collection of miniatures and games? Life’s too short to be just thinking and wishing about games you want to play this year. Play them! But what are they going to be? Happy 2015 everybody.


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