Relic Knights Shattered Sword Box Done

mallory-and-quillAfter GenCon, Will and I decided we’d get the new and previously purchased Relic Knights minis out and painted. I finally have a rulebook I can read, and some time for painting – and now the Shattered Sword Starter Box is complete!

The box comes with:
Mallory and Quill (Questing Knight)
x5 Swordsworn models
x2 Paragon models

That’s not a lot of models (9), but for the money it was more than worth it. The box comes with a lot of other components too – see them all here if you’re interested. Paint them up and you’re ready to play the game.

mallory-and-quill-rearWhile I like the idea of Shattered Sword being good guys, I’m not keen on painting white. White tends to make the models look a little flat, light and not very military or intimidating. So I went with Chainmail Silver as a base colour for most models, washed them twice with black and blue/black washes, then painted the blues and whites all around them.  The main blue was GW’s Enchanted Blue which was then washed with an Asurmen Blue ink wash. Then highlight as normal.

These models are easy to paint too – the detail pops off the models with almost no exceptions – very easy to pick out. Although flashing the plastic initially is a pain in the ass.

Shattered Sword Battle Box
Time to paint: 16hrs      Points on the table: 29pts




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