Yu Jing TAG & Yaokong Remotes Complete

Yu-Jing-Yaokong-Remotes-with-Guija-TAG-100_4377Just got these Yu Jing Yaokong Remotes and TAG done. They’ve been sitting on my desk since GenCon 2013. But no longer – I consider them done.
You can paint these things for hours – putting highlights on top of highlights, but in the end, if you’re going to play with them, you’ve got to stop and get on to the next models in your army. The Japanese Sectorial dude is just in there for scale – he was done last year.

I’m not too happy with the lighting for my cheapass Kodak Z710 camera – they’re much more harsh here than in real life. But I definitely think I achieved the anime look that Infinity is known for. The models were primed with GW white primer, then washed with a new GW ink (shade) Casandora Yellow – which looks positively orange in the bottle, but washes a nice golden yellow on the model. Where it collects, turns orange.

Yu-Jing-Yaokong-Remotes-with-Guija-TAG-100_4379Maybe I will get some more Infinity models. Only the remotes are really mine, Will the Hatton owns the rest, and I am just their painter.  But between the TAG, 2 remotes and 7 infantrymen, I’ve got a decent collection for typical games. Two ninjas are waiting in the wings for their turn on the painting dais.

Keep painting. Keep gaming dammit.


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