Infinity the Game: Yu Jing Started

yu-jing-sectorial-stage1Somehow, thanks to a renewed interest in Infinity: the Game, Will the Hatton and I squeaked in not 1, but 2 games with unfinished models this week at our FLGS. They were our first games of Infinity – and we were freakin’ hooked.

I’m going to buy these Yu Jing Sectorial models from Will, so I took them home and began painting them tonight. Their base coat of paint is P3 Heartfire, washed with diluted Ogryn Flesh. They look a little whacky right now, but I can already envision what they’re going to look like finished.

I’ve painted many armies a yellow or gold base, but I especially wanted these guys to be gold because they’re not heroic sized minis – they’re actually quite fine. So I want them to be bright and strikingly contrasted – like the anime Japanese that they are!

Stay tuned – I bet these guys will be done by this weekend. – Dave


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