JR Miniatures Resin Islands are Great!

JR Miniatures: Resin Islands

JR Miniatures: Resin Islands

I’m diggin’ these resin islands from JR Miniatures. They have fantastic rocky textures sculpted into them, are tough as nails, and paint up fast.

I got them a couple of months ago from Meeplemart in Toronto, so they were a good price to boot. I’ll be using them with Spartan’s Dystopian Wars and Uncharted Seas naval games. They’re more in scale with the DW ships, but they look good side by side with my Orcs from US. Even though they’re made of resin too, they’re a very different kind of resin than what’s used in the ships’ sculpts – glossy and hard as glass. But way more durable.

I got off to a bad start painting these – I used GW Roughcoat primer to prime them with, since I didn’t care if the extra texture presented on the rocks. But GW Roughcoat is not a primer – it’s a paint – and I didn’t know that ’til I brought these into teh house and the “primer” started to flake off. So I scrubbed them all with a stiff nylon brush, removed all the Roughcoat, and primed them again with my favourite black primer. No problems on take two.

JR Miniatures Resin IslandThen it was a quick 4 colour drybrush job to get them to the typically rocky state they are. I admit I didn’t use any whacky colours here, just:
1. GW Shadow Grey
2. GW Shadow Grey lightened with Fortress Grey
3. Highlight the rock with white
4. Edge the shores with PPP Battle Dress Green (and bring it into the interiors somewhat)

But I like them. They look way better in person than these photos. Get some if you’re doing up a naval battle board – JR Miniatures islands are well priced, well sculted and tough as nails. They get the Battlemind thumbs up seal of approval.


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