Bolt Action Quick Reference Sheets Complete

For all you Bolt Action fans out there – I’ve just completed my Battlemind 1.1 version of a Quick Reference Sheet for Bolt Action, by Warlord Games.

I thought I’d condense the four and a half pages of QRS in the back of the book onto 2 sides of 8.5 x 11. All the tables are listed, plus some sample unit stats from the British and German armies. You can download the PDF here:

Now get out there and play some games of Bolt Action!!


15 thoughts on “Bolt Action Quick Reference Sheets Complete

  1. hi buddy,
    thanks for your effort.
    the terrain table in the movement section is incorrect. column headings are missing or wrong.

  2. Thank you very much.
    I permit to suggest to add:
    to the Shooting Modifiers: -1 to Team down to 1 man
    To the Troop Morale: -1 to Team down to 1 man

  3. Really useful, Maybe you could make a stats sheet (Basic Stats) for begginers who dont know if they want to spend money on the stats for each army

  4. I think I will make a sheet that people can fill out manually (or editable PDF). But posting online stats – I don’t think Warlord would like that.

  5. Hi there,

    You did a wonderful job with the playsheet. Thank you!

    Cain ask a favour PLEASE :-).

    I am doing up some Spanish Civil War stats for use with Bolt Action. Is there any chance you could provide me with an editable (.doc) format of your playsheet so I can use that.

    Your playsheet is the best one out there.

    If able, please email.

    Thanks again……great job.


    Happy Wanderer

    • Hi Sam – thanks for the kind words on the playsheet for Bolt Action. Unfortuantely, I created it in Adobe Illustrator. I’d be happy to give you the original .AI files, but only if you can actually use them. Can you?
      – Dave

      • Hi there Dave,

        I kind of left this thread and forgot to use the ‘notify’ option – sorry. I am looking to use your excellent play sheet if I can as it still is the best one around.

        I do have Illustrator and would love to have the AI file. Would you be able to send it to me please?

        Thanks again for the kind offer.


        Happy W

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