WHFB Ogre Kingdoms Army to Sell (Sold)

ogre-kingdoms-army-to-sellMy Ogre Kingdoms Army is for sale – $220. These guys are very well painted, and those that aren’t are expertly flashed, based and primed.

I painted these guys up in regular and grey fleshtones to give them a bit more variety, and the paint schemes woked out well. One of my Butchers is a jaundiced colour after all the poison and liver failure he’s endured – I like him. Both Butchers are a bloody mess – nice! Many of the models from this Ogre Kingdoms army were used in my Warriors of Chaos army – they compliment each other well. I’m selling this lot for $220, and will ship them anywhere in the world. Let me know if you’re interested by email: battlemind@hotmail.com.

Models in the army include:
– 1 Ogre Tyrant
– 2 Butchers or Slaughtermasters
– 1 Bruiser (or Maneater)
– 1 Hunter
– 2 Gorgers
– 11 Bulls
– 8 Ironguts
– 4 Leadbelchers

More pictures of this Ogre Kingdoms Army for sale are below:








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