Dystopian Wars FSA Fleet Complete

Dystopian Wars FSA Fleet

Dystopian Wars FSA Fleet

It didn’t take too long to paint the rest of my Dystopian Wars FSA fleet. After the Independence Class Battleship was finished, I had a really good idea of the painting scheme for the rest of the vessels – green. Oh I tried to come up with a paint scheme that was different from most – as I usually do – but the American Uniform Green by Vallejo just seemed to fit. It’s also a fairly light green , so after a wash of Devlan Mud and Badab Black or Thraka Green, it’s still a fairly bright colour on the tabletop.

Only the Princeton Class Gunships aren’t from the Federated States of America starter box. I decided to do them before the Lexington Class Cruisers because I wanted to use their bombard ability. Unfortunately, my Lee Class Scoutships are also unfinished, and they’re the only unit with the spotting ability! Doh!

The models for the FSA that I’ve purchased but haven’t painted yet:
2x Lee Class Scoutships
2x John Henry Class Robots
3x Lexington Class Cruisers

Gotta say I’m loving these models – great price, great detail, easy to paint and high interest amongst my gaming buddies. I’ve already purchased and assembled a French starter fleet, and can’t wait to get into the rules in earnest. Haven’t played my first game yet, but I’ve got a few Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas under my belt, so it shouldn’t be a confusing start.

Federated States of America (FSA) Fleet (with Gunships)
Points on the table: 760pts     Time to paint: 30hrs


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