Dystopian Wars FSA Battleship Complete

Dystopian Wars FSA Battleship

Dystopian Wars FSA Battleship

I bought my first Dystopian Wars fleet about a month ago from Meeplemart inToronto. All the nations in this game have cool ships, but I thought that the Federated States of America had the best themed for the post WWI era they’re supposed to exist in.

I painted the FSA Independence Class Battleship first, thinking that with its size, I could easily set the tone and detail for all the smaller ships to come, so much easier. I think I was right. After about 6hrs I was done, and I really like the result. Gotta admit it looks way better from 3 feet away though – not so intense a green under normal lighting.

How I painted it:
1 – Prime with white
2 – Base coat the entire thing with Vallejo Green Ochre (a desert like colour). This is because any metallics I might use later on will look and adhere better to a tan than white.
3 – Wash the whole thing with GW Badab Black and Devlan Mud mixed with water
4 – Paint the green sides and substructure with Vallejo American Uniform Green
5 – Wash the green with a heavily diluted Devlan Mud (light discoloration only)
6 – Detail with Mechrite Red, and Vallejo German Grey
7 – Highlight the green with the original American uniform and PPP Necrotite Green

FSA Independence Class Battleship
Points on the table: 170     Time to paint: 6hrs


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