Heavy Gear Utopian Sin Cluster Complete

Utopian N-Kidu Sin Cluster

Utopian N-Kidu Sin Cluster

This group of 8 Utopian N-KIDU T Drones is more than enough to make up a basic core battlegroup for Heavy Gear Blitz. Eventually it will be controlled by 2 Armiger Suits, but I’m leaving those guys ’til the very end to be painted. I have another 8 N-KIDU R Drones to be assembled as well.

Together they will form my Utopian army –  1x Armiger Recce Troupe and 1x Armiger Support Troupe. The base cost of these 2 troupes alone will be close to 1000TV – they don’t look like much, but there will be lots of them!

This is why I chose a Heavy Gear CEF army in the first place – the CEF (“Earth”) forces are conquerers, so they incorporate conquered military technology into their Order of Battle. As a player, it gives me the opportunity to field a huge variety of units – including the super cool Capricians – into a highly variable force that doesn’t need to get stale.

I painted these Drones to blend in well with a CEF amalgamated force, but they’re just diferent enough that they can visually stand on their own if I want to play them as a separate army. The paints used were:
– Vallejo Neutral Grey which was then washed with a weak GW Badab Black
– The forward domes were painted with GW Macharius Orange
– The rocket packs were painted with PPP Jack Bone
– Highlighting and some details were done with GW Fortress Grey

N-KIDU Automaton Sin Cluster
Points on the table:  240+     Time to paint:  3hrs


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