Heavy Gear CEF Infantry Finished

When I attended Game Summit in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a Utopian starter army and a CEF GREL Infantry platoon. The problem was, I liked the brand new NuCoal infantry sculpts so much better, I decided to use them as GRELs instead.

CEF Heavy Gear Infantry Platoon

CEF Heavy Gear infantry platoon.

Even though I don’t see guys using a lot of infantry in Heavy Gear, I’m a sucker for buying a variety of troops, and trying to do something good with underdog units. So I bought the GRELs!

I like the idea of infantry in all my sci fi games. No matter how many mecha or low orbit satellites you might use in a game, infantry put a human element onto the battlefield – they’re something we can all relate to. And they lend scale too. You’d never realize how large these CEF gears were until you put them next to this CEF infantry platoon.

The base colours to paint the GRELs were the same as the CF6-16s:
– Base coat with GW Macharius Orange
– Wash with GW Baal Red, mixed with a little Badab Black
– Detail with 2 colours – Vallejo German Grey and light Macharius Orange (mixed with a little PPP Jack Bone)

There’s alot of good detail on these sculpts, so it’s really easy to pick out the armor. But I painted them to look good at 3 feet!

CEF GREL Infantry Platoon
Points on the table: 160+     Time to paint: 3hrs


2 thoughts on “Heavy Gear CEF Infantry Finished

  1. I agree with you about infantry being an important aspect on the battlefield in sci-fi. It’s expected that infantry won’t be as good as the 15 foot tall walking tank, but it’s the infantry, the marines, the soldiers that tie the entire setting together. The infantry that survive those battles are the stuff that heroes are made of. The film Aliens wouldn’t be Aliens without the marines.

  2. You’re right there. And no matter how big the machines get, grunts will always find a way to bring them down.

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