MERCS FCC Squad Complete

FCC Squad for MERCS

FCC Squad for MERCS

Two weeks ago I bought the rulebook for MERCS – Military Economic Reconnaissance Counter Security. It’s what I do now – buy the rulebook and read it well before I buy any minis for a game. I used to drop money on both, simultaneously, when I was particularly enthusiastic about a system. But not anymore.

But I’m digging these rules, so last week I bought as many of 2 squads as I could get my hands on; and I’m happy to report – they’re all painted! Now I can learn the rules with the actual minis and cards, and I’m looking forward to the tactical choices. My FCC squad is only 4 strong now (a 5th model came without a torso), but I’m eager to play because MERCS can be played with as many or as few models as you like. Five is the standard number.

These FCC were painted with their resistance background in mind – cohesive looking without a definitive uniform look. Their pants are Vallejo Green Ochre and their tops are GW Shadow Grey. All models have been intermittently washed – something I’ve rarely done before. Usually I do a basecoat and wash right off the bat and then just detail as desired, but these soldiers have way too much modeled on them for that technique, so I generalized as much as I could and painted details for hours afterwards.

MERCS FCC Squad (4)
Points on the table: 4     Time to paint: 8hrs(!)


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