Firestorm Armada Relthoza Cruisers Complete

Finally got all the models painted, of what I’ve bought, for my Relthozan Firestorm Armada fleet. These Scarab Class Heavy Cruisers are fantastic models – so much detail – and really easy to paint because that detail is easily picked out. If you’re in a hurry to paint these, forget about the underside of the ships – you can’t see them during a game, so don’t paint them!

Relthoza Scarab Classs Heavy Cruisers
Time to paint: 3hrs     Points on the table: 160pts

Before I finished the Scarabs, I completed a 3 ship squadron of Bane Class R&D Cruisers – sometimes called “Shunt” Cruisers. I found when I was painting these, that they looked better horizontal, than they did in their intended vertical configuration. They just look so much cooler this way. I drilled holes in them with my Dremel, and after the paint is completely dry on them, I’ll fill in the original flight stand holes with putty. Again – easy to paint, and easy to detail. I love Spartan models!

Relthoza Bane Class R&D Cruisers
Time to paint: 4hrs     Points on the table: 165pts


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