Firestorm Armada: Sorylian Fleet Complete

Firestorm Armada: Sorylian FleetThis is the Sorylian fleet that’s been sitting on my painting table for the last 3 months. They belong to William the Hatton, and I swore I would paint them for him so the next time we played Firestorm Armada, everything would be painted and look good.

Now I just have to reread the rules and maybe play a couple of solo games to really get the feel of the game back. They’re definitely a better set of rules than Uncharted Seas.

Will wanted his Sorylians to have a base colour of aquamarine – greenish blue – so I base coated these in GW Turquoise, then washed them with Asurman Blue. The highlight colours are the original Hawk Turquoise and Ice Blue. Bright green and yellow were painted here and there to indicate energy flow from the engines.

Shown are: 1 Swordbreaker Class Battleship, 3 Skyhammer Class Cruisers and 6 Scythe Class Frigates.
Points on the table: 495pts     Time to paint: 20hrs


3 thoughts on “Firestorm Armada: Sorylian Fleet Complete

  1. They look awesome, I’ve played this game before and the models are just great painted even better, I like all your work across the board, great stuff- kudos!

    • Thanks John. The Sorylian ships are the best modeled fleet, I think, for Firestorm Armada. Stay tuned – I have some more ships on the painting table already!

  2. These look great, I really like how you decided to break up the “interlocking tile” style hulls the Sorylian ships have. In particular those light blue stripes flanking the Swordbreaker look fantastic!

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