Lizardman Blood Bowl Team Complete!

Finally, after 15+ years, I’ve painted this Lizardman Blood Bowl team. Lord, that was a long time to own a team and not have it painted. I don’t know why – I like these models – retro as they are, but I have a long standing painter’s block with Lizardmen in Blood Bowl and Fantasy.

These guys have really interesting skull helmets for most players, as well as ornately cast shoulder pads. I’ve emphasized the brass and bone as much as possible, and I think they look really barbaric. When painting them, I went for blocky highlights and unsubtle edges. This will make them stand out on the Blood Bowl pitch.

Cotxum Cold Ones Lizardman Team
Time to paint: 10hrs


3 thoughts on “Lizardman Blood Bowl Team Complete!

  1. Thanks for posting this. Some local guys got me talked into Blood Bowl and I had some old Lizardmen to use.. I think I am going to try to find more with helmets to make something similar.

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