Operation Squad Panzergrenadiers Done

I received Operation Squad in the mail just this week. I’m quite eager to play it, so I’ve just finished an oversized Panzergrenadier squad to fill out most of the force options available. The squad consists of:
– 2 x MG34 machine gunners (with assistants)
– 1 x GW36 mortar (with assistant)
– 1 x Corporal
– 1 x Sergeant
– 1 x MG42 machine gunner
– 7 x Panzergrenadiers with  Kar98s

Anyway, the point is to have a good variety of troops at the 500pt level. The base Panzergrenadier squad of 11 men is 400pts, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for modifications to get to 500. Hell, a sniper is +90pts! We’ll see how many men is good on a side at once.

I chose to paint up some individual models from my Flames of War stash. Turns out I had more Panzergrenadiers than I needed, and because my other army is British/Canadian I’ve got some Commando figures for a second Operation Squad force. If I like the game I’ll consider changing scales. Right now I’ve got a fair amount of 15mm scenery and vehicles, so I’m sticking with 15mm. The half-track is eye candy only for now – teh guys who made Operation Squad haven’t got any vehicle rules as of yet, and some time has gone by since they promised there would be.

When I get the British done I’ll post a battle report and review.

Operation Squad Panzergrenadiers:
Points on the table: 505pts     Time to paint: 4hrs


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