In Praise of Monsterpocalypse

Monsterpocalypse by Privateer Press went non-collectible recently, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve watched this game since its release, but I was never prepared to buy into it, because I saw alot of wasteful spending involved trying to get complete armies of guys together. I have never bought into a collectible game, except Magic – but I know how unbalanced Magic can become if you’ve got a bigger wallet to play it – so collectibles turned me off for that reason alone.

My 2-player starter came with two (almost full) GUARD and Destroyer armies, 9 buildings, a fully updated rulebook, and of course all the dice and maps needed to play. I’m impressed. After setting up the map with all the buildings, monsters and units needed to play the game, you have a really aesthetically impressive game with enough complexity and options to keep you involved for many many months. And like other miniature games, if you get a little bored, changing armies will force you to reinvent your strategy, as they all play slightly differently, and its a brand new game again.

As a long time miniature gamer, here’s what I like about Monsterpocalypse:
1 – Fantastic aesthetics with pre-painted miniatures (well painted)
2 – Rules are complex enough to keep me interested for quite a while
3 – Lots of variety in monsters and units will keep you varying strategies to see what’s best
4 – Other gamers (miniature or Clix or board gamers) are also happy to try it out. Every time I play this at my FLGS it gets attention and people talking. New players are already buying in after only 2 weeks.
5 – Low price point. Relatively. The starter in Canada is about $60 after taxes. You can’t beat that for prepainted goodness.
6 – is THE website to visit for people interested in the game. These guys – Steve and Zach  – love the game so much, they’ll make you optimized army packs, have done tutorial videos and have a really intelligent forum on the go, discussing the game. Watch the 8 part tutorials on their YouTube channel to get a really good feel for how the game plays before you spend your money. Look for “The Definitive Monsterpocalypse Tutorial” parts 1-8.

I love this game. It checks all the boxes for a good, strategic time, playing with friends. Watch the videos I’ve linked to above. Buy a starter. See if you don’t fall in love with this game. Seriously.


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