Heavy Gear CEF Army Completed

Finished the Heavy Frame Squad for my CEF Heavy Gear army! Thought I’d take a picture of all the models together – don’t mind the harsh edges of the flash.

Piecing an army together in Heavy Gear isn’t a starightforward affair – it’s kind of convoluted actually. Especially if your army is from a subsequent source book like my Colonial Expedition Force here. I’ll rant about it another time perhaps, but suffice it to say that this is a legal CEF army at PL:3, with the heavy squad being the mandatory Specialist sqd., and the 2 hovertanks being an Auxiliary combat group.

I chose and bought these models before I’d fully understood the army selection process for Heavy Gear. I knew that CEF used tanks as core, so I bought the two HT-68s. But as it turned out, CEF light tanks are core, not the heavies. I bought the Heavy Frame Squad because I wanted gears in my force, without realizing that they were a Specialist combat group. Now I had to play at least a Priority Level 3 army to put these 2 squads on the table on their own.

Now let’s add up the points on these bad boys:
Heavy Hovertank Squad: 480 pts (with no other upgrades)
Heavy Frame Squad: 255 pts (incl. the minimum mission packs they must buy)
Total points on the table: 735 pts      Time to paint all models: 12 hrs (6 for the tanks, 6 for the Gears)


7 thoughts on “Heavy Gear CEF Army Completed

  1. Hey Dave! Heard GW finally managed to kill you as a customer :D! Sorry I missed you at hotlead. I told the guys I’ll make it to one of Dave May’s summer events and I intend to keep my word. Hopefully I’ll see you around.

    • Dammit Mike it’s good to hear from you! It’s been a long time my friend – make sure you email me at this address – battlemind@hotmail.com so I can reconnect online.

      Yes – I was sorry to skip HotLead this year, but it’s quite a long drive for me for a single day of gaming; and to be honest, aside from DBA, there wasn’t much interesting going on for me.

      Yes, finally, even though I’m heavily invested, I’ve backed off of GW games big time. I’m not going to rage quit and never use my models again, but I’m fed up with the months and months of waiting for army balance to be restored across the systems. And let’s face it, it’s really expensive too. But I still play LotR fairly regularly.

      Anyway, email me you bastard. :)

  2. Good lookin’ force! Heavy Gear is the game I WANT to love but when it comes time to write up a list I always get distracted and move on to something else. I played the game back in the nineties when it first came out (and used Rafm to make all their models..which were BIG–they were pretty cool to be sure, but no way were they suited to games where armies fought armies!).

    I’ve got a few friends’ interest piqued by the game and am hoping to get underway with it again in the next couple months; the NuCoal stuff is absolutely amazing!

    • Heavy Gear does not make it easy to create an army. UNLESS it’s a bog standard force from the main rule book. I liked the CEF, Caprician and Utopian miniatures – I had to buy multiple books, cross reference them all for CORE, SPEC and AUX, and then read a second rule book (ed.2) before I had a force I could explain to someone else who would agree to play.

      DP9’s response is: “Use Gear Garage” – but it’s by no means an intuitive, or slick program. AND it allows you to make illegal lists, no problem. In every mini game I’ve ever played, perusing the books dreaming up new army lists is a a lot of fun – and ultimately, I buy more minis because of the options. Not so with Heavy Gear at all.

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