Heavy Gear Romans

Dave May brought some Warlord Roman Legionairies back for me from Hotlead. I tried painting them tonight with decent speedy effects.

I got these two prototype guys done in 2hrs, with techniques I wasn’t expecting to use. I drybrushed their armour, instead of painting and washing. In fact, the only washing I did was on their flesh and sandals, where the detail is very subtle. I don’t feel they need washes everywhere, and that surprised me. I also did some blacklining for added pop – something I rarely do.

I also worked on the last of my Heavy Gear CEF tanks. The squadron is now complete. Two tanks is 480pts minimum(!) in a Heavy Gear game, so I don’t think I want to buy any more for a while, unless it’s a light tank squadron to fulfill a core choice at PL 1 or 2.

I like them – nice models to assemble and paint. Easy highlighting too – lots of hard edges to pick out.


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