CEF Hovertank Complete

It’s a nice model, the CEF HT-68 Hovertank.  It goes together really well, flashes easily and paints beautifuly for a resin model.

After finally getting my reading glasses back from repair, I can continue painting minis. I was a little intimidated by this model, the first of 2, because it’s a fair size and has lots of smooth surfaces – 2 qualities that don’t fit well into my painting style of block painting and washes. But I still think it turned out well. The HT-68 is a really large tank in the Heavy Gear universe, but that’s what CEF (Earth) forces are best at – larger but fewer combat vehicles, with tanks as core in most priority levels. In fact, I bought the HT-68s without knowing exactly what their threat value was, and as it turns out, they’re still a hefty 240pts each.

Here’s how I painted it:
1 – Primed white
2 – Base coated with GW Solar Orange
3 – Washed with 2:1 GW Baal Red and Devlan Mud
4 – Sectionally painted with Vallejo German Grey
5 – Highlighted with the Solar Orange mixed with PP Menoth White Base
6 – All greys were edged with GW Boltgun Metal
7 – Mounted on the supplied base with washers to boost it up and give the model weight 

Points on the table: 240pts    Time to paint: 3hrs


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