Tomb King Army for Sale [Sold]

[[EDIT] – Jan.26-2011 – This Army has been sold.] I’ve got to thin out my army selections, so I’m putting my Tomb King Army up for sale. Below are some pics of what’s assembled and painted:

Tomb Guard x23

Skellies x21

Skeleton Archers x10

3 Chariots

3 more Chariots

Heavy Cavalry x6

10 Light Cavalry

More Light Cavalry x5

3 Ushabti

Tomb Scorpions x2

Tomb Swarms x4

Carrion x3

Bone Giant

Screaming Skull Catapult

Characters x6

Not assembled, but also included in the deal are:
x1 more Screaming Catapult
x1 Casket of Souls
x1 Settra with Chariot
x1 TK Army Book
(many) Sprues with parts for TK and other VC Undead
Movement trays (if a photo above has a movement tray in it, you’ll get that too, (but I’ll make sure it’s painted brown first!))

And no, the accent colour for this army isn’t purple – I just have a bad lighting setup for model pics. Let me know if you’re interested in the army at the email address here The first reasonable offer will get it, and I will have it delivered. Thanks!


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