Garryth the Warcaster Complete

My first fully painted Retribution of Scyrah model – Garryth, Blade of Retribution! A really nice sculpt, I think you’ll agree – only 3 parts – body, and 2 arms from the elbow up. Garryth is a 6 focus caster, with +5 warjack points.

After an experimental start with my Gorgon, I’ve decided I want my Retribution models to have a military colour base, with bright accents. I used GW’s foundation Gretchin Green for the “pants” of the model, Vallejo Green Ochre for his torso, and washed them both with Devlin Mud. After this first stage, the model has kind of a Russian uniform brown look to it – but all the details are showing because of the wash. I then used PPP Menoth White Base for his hard armour points (shoulder pads, etc.). Everything is then highlighted with its original colour, except the hard armour which is highlighted with white. 

I gave Garryth anime green hair, but kept a touch of grey to show his age. You can see how I intend to indicate the frontal arcs of all my Warmachine models from here forward – rear halves of the bases will be painted brown. Looks good! An excellent Privateer sculpt.

Garryth, Blade of Retribution
Points on the table: WJ+5     Time to paint: 2hrs


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