Chaos Lord On D.Mount Complete

Finally got this Chaos Lord done! I’ve had this model for a while – several months in fact – and am glad to finally have it available to game with. It was actually a pretty easy model to assemble and paint, though I’m not fussy that the shield arm is actually a tentacled mutation, and the head is perhaps a little undersized for the body. Otherwise – awesome sculpt!

Paint Technique – After assembly, I based the model with some large rocks, a broken Chaos axe, and a fallen standard icon. Then it was off to the barn to spray bomb it. I then drybrushed it all with my army colour: Vallejo Russian Uniform Green. Then pick out the bronze, brass and bone bits, and wash everything with Devlan Mud. When the wash is dry, I highlight the now subdued areas with their original colours. Then I pick out everything else – bridle leather, chain mail, axe handle, etc. And you’re done!

Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount
Time to paint: 4hrs     Points on the table: 260 pts (minimum)


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