Swamp Troll is Complete

This Trollblood Swamp Troll was incredibly easy to paint – it has very little detail on it that needs to be picked out with a brush. On the other hand – it has a fair amount of detail! But all of that can be painted with base coats and a good wash.

Here’s the order of painting for this model:
1 – prime black
2 – base coat entire model with GW Gretchin Green (foundation)
3 – base coat dense netting with Shadow Grey
4 – wash entire model with Devlan Mud
5 – highlight with original, slightly thinned Gretchin Green
6 – detail everything else, then some amphibious dots
7 – done!

Notes on this Swamp Troll model – I was very tempted to pick out the fine netting he has around his arms, but decided not to. It’s too fine, and highlighting may have been more of a mess than a benefit. Also, he has a huge lashing tongue, that for now I have chosen not to include – I’m going to find a better way to adhere it than just gluing – its’ too easy to knock off. Also, all gapping on this model was filled in with white glue. You should try it – way better filler than green stuff when the gaps are really small.

Swamp Troll
Points on the table: PC4     Time to paint: 2hrs


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