Chaos Knights are Complete

5 Chaos Knights with the Mark of Slaanesh

Ya, it’s too bad Chaos Knights are special choices now. But let’s face it – they should be.

I thought this unit would be painted quickly – they were assembled and base coated fairly fast. But after I started into the details, things slowed down big time. The colours used are below:
1 – Primed black
2 – Base coated in Vallejo Russian Uniform Green ( a very dull, realistic green – kind of like real Russians)
3 – Drybrushed and highlighted with GW Gretchin Green (a foundation paint)
4 – Detailed with Vallejo Brass
5 – Detailed with GW Boltgun
6 – Detailed with PP Menoth White Base (an off-white)
7 – Washed with GW Devlan Mud
8 – Highlighted with GW Chainmail
9 – Done!

Originally I chose the colour scheme to match my Nurgly intentions – minus 1 to hit when shooting, and minus 1 WS when fighting is nothing to sneeze at. Stats like that can really nerf an opponent’s elite infantry. But I’m not so sure anymore. Nurgle upgrades are expensive. And I think this unit’s raison d’etre may be against enemy cavalry and monsters – not infantry at all. I’d be very interested in how others use this unit in 8th ed.

Chaos Knights
Points on the table: 240pts (MoS)     Time to paint: 12hrs


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