Khadoran Demolition Corps Complete

If you play Khador in Warmachine, eventually you ask yourself if you want to use Demolition Corps or Shocktroopers. Often you’ll field both, but I wanted my first Man-o-War unit to be Demo Corps, and I’ll tell you why.

Khador is slow. Slow slow slow. Oh sure, we have some SPD:6 infantry, like anybody else, but on average, we’re Spd: 5 or 6 – or in the case of our jacks, we’re Spd:4 almost exclusively. So if you’re gonna be slow, you want REACH. And what’s better than REACH? – REACH with BACKSWING (x2 attacks), so when you do get into combat, you’re gonna make an impression. And that’s the important difference Demo Corps have over Shocktroopers.

The Man-o-War units are important to Khador, and I’ve only just acquired this unit of DC after figuring this out. Khador needs light jacks. I was disappointed that MkII didn’t throw at least one light jack our way. Even an arc node would have been welcome. But the Man-o-War units fit the light jack bill. Five DC are in essence, 2 light jacks, and for 9pts, that’s about right.

These guys were painted using the following technique:
1 – Primed black
2 – Base coated with Vallejo Russian Uniform Green
3 – Highlight the green with GW Gretchin Green
4 – Red shoulder plating is GW Mechrite Red, highlighted with PP Khador Red Highlight
5 – Helmets are PP Menoth White Base, with highlights of white
6 – Paint brass parts as desired with Vallejo Brass
7 – Shoulder trim is Vallejo German Grey
7 – Done!

These guys look pretty kick ass on the table – there’s alot of military colour in use here, as well as more realistic, earthy pigments. Also, they can block LOS to the Butcher!

Man-o-War Demolition Corps
Points on the table: 9pts     Time to paint: 4hrs


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