Chaos Warhound Prototypes

I really dig the new Warriors of Chaos army book for Warhammer. I grabbed a box of these Chaos Warhounds shortly after they came out – they were a bargain: 10 dogs for $25 is pretty good even by GW’s standards, and they looked really easy to paint too.

Colour Scheme
After assembly and black primer, I thought up a colour scheme that would have these creepy dogs painted fast. Here’s the order below:
1 – paint everything with Tallarn Flesh (GW foundation paint)
2 – paint manes with dark brown (I used PP Battlefield Brown)
3 – paint horns a weathered bone (I used PP Menoth White Base)
4 – wash everything with Devlan Mud
5 – wash gaping sores and wounds with red (I used Baal Red)
6 – drybrush manes with a lighter brown, or even a flesh colour
7 – pick out details that matter – teeth, jutting bone, claws
8 – Done!

Both models were painted in an hour. After I finish the rest of them, I’ll probably go back and highlight the flesh with the original Tallarn for some extra dimension. I might even tattoo some of their skin, depending on my new Chaos army theme. Chaos is next on my list of armies to make – since I finished my Ogre Kingdoms army to a 2000pt level, seems I’ve got a lot of Chaos Ogre models now! More on that later…


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